Omer Saleem Weds Fariha Hasan in Pakistan

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Omer Saleem Family

Omer Saleem and Fariha Hasan were married on November 20, 2011 in Lahore Pakistan. The Valima reception was held in Karachi on November 22, 2011 at KDA Lawn-B off Kashmir Road.

The groom is the son of (Late) Shama Hussain and Saleemullah Hussain Ex-Aramco Badge No-73648 who worked with Safaniyah Producing Maintenance Division and later with Abu Ali Producing Maintenance Division/ Ras Tanura Producing Maintenance Department for more than ten years. The bride is the daughter of Sajjad and Seema Hasan Sheikh.

The Barat and Valima reception was attended by many Ex-Aramcons available in Karachi and Lahore respectively.

Both the families reside in Saudi Arabia as expatriates from the early 80s. The bride and the groom are both graduates from Al-Khobar Pakistani School and attended universities in Lahore and Toronto respectively.

Fariha plans to pursue her post graduation in psychology.

Omer is working in finance sector focusing on hedge fund valuation.

Saleemullah Hussain is still working with a SABIC Industry in Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

The newly married couple resides in Toronto, Canada.

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1 Comment for “Omer Saleem Weds Fariha Hasan in Pakistan”

  1. Shahabuddin Shaikh says:

    Salam and good luck to newly married Omer and Fariha. May Almighty Allah SWT shower his blessing on the newly married couple. I wish them both and both the family members health, happiness, peace and prosperity for the years to come. Insha-Allah we will meet soon in Toronto Canada to wish them both personally.

    Shahab Shaikh
    Ex-Aramco employee
    Ahmedabad, India.

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