Aramco Brat Kimberly (Holmes) Wiggins joins WOFL-TV in Orlando

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Kimberly (Holmes) Wiggins

Aramco brat (K-9) Kimberly (Holmes) Wiggins began December 2012 as reporter and fill-in anchor at Fox affiliate WOFL in Orlando, Florida. Kimberly arrived from Cincinnati, Ohio where she was a reporter and week end anchor at FOX WXIX. Kimberly’s first day was more eventful than planned. What was to be a day of orientation and formalities also included assignment to cover the touch down of a tornado.

Joining WOFL marks Kimberly’s return to Florida and to a top twenty TV market but this time Kimberly is in front of the camera. She had worked as a field producer for Bloomberg News in Washington DC and was associate producer of the morning show at ABC affiliate WPLG in Miami, Florida when she made the decision to get in front of the camera. Kimberly left Miami, to work as a reporter at CBS/FOX affiliate WBOC in Salisbury Maryland. She made her way to the weekend prime time anchor desk before moving on to Cincinnati, Ohio. Kimberly has been acknowledged for her work including a national award for best religion based story while at WBOC. Kimberly married Rasheed Wiggins in 2011. Kimberly and Rasheed met as undergraduates at Duke University. Rasheed is from Newark, New Jersey. He ran his own marketing company for nine years before going back to Duke full time to get his MBA. Rasheed manages national marketing for a company in Orlando. Kimberly can be contacted via email, on twitter, @KHWiggins and facebook, Kimberly Holmes Wiggins. Kimberly’s parents are Helen and Calvin Holmes.

5 Comments for “Aramco Brat Kimberly (Holmes) Wiggins joins WOFL-TV in Orlando”

  1. Congrats, Kim. Job well done!

  2. Vivek Goswamy says:

    Congratulation. Keep up the good work.

  3. Isabel B Rodriguez says:

    Dear Kimberly,

    Thanks for forward my message to your Mom, she wrote me today!!!

    We had such a great time together working in OS.

    Love, yes, love because you visited my home several time.


  4. Marlene says:

    welcome mto florida, we were in saudi for 18 years, loved it

  5. Brenda Newhouse says:

    Kim, miss you so much! Thank you for the Mother’s Day card. See hello to Rasheed!

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