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Saudi Aramco News

The Southern Area/Central Region Community Services Department recently hosted appreciation luncheons for the more than 3,000 contractor employees who work diligently — and often unsung — as gardeners, trash collectors, maintenance workers and repairmen in the Southern Area and Central Region communities from Abqaiq to Khurais.

All the employees from almost 20 contractor companies were invited, including from the remote communities of Hawtah, Khurais and Haradh, to celebrate the success of their joint efforts with their Saudi Aramco partners in delivering quality services to the residents of these communities.

Hawtah set the ball rolling by hosting the first luncheon of the series, followed by Abqaiq, ‘Udhailiyah, Riyadh, Khurais and Hawtah. Over a one-month period, the department played host to more than 2,000 contractor employees. In the larger communities of Abqaiq and Udhailiyah, the luncheons were held on multiple days to accommodate all guests.

Saudi Aramco News

A common thread running through all the events was an optimistic and upbeat atmosphere as Omar Ghazi, manager of the Community Services Department, accompanied by key management personnel, paid tribute to the ongoing support extended by all contractor employees in delivering quality services to residents in all six locations.

Ghazi’s message at these events emphasized the primary importance that Saudi Aramco places on the care and safety not only of its employees but also its contractor employees.

By placing safety first in the performance of jobs in all areas — be it handling heavy equipment or tools, providing food services or driving — Ghazi acknowledged the value that Saudi Aramco places on every worker, irrespective of rank or position.

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