A Driving Tour of Dhahran

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Weave your way through the roads of Dhahran in this video driving tour. Travel down Rolling Hills Boulevard to Riyadh Boulevard. Enjoy the many side roads that make up residential life in this home away from home.

Video found on YouTube.

33 Comments for “A Driving Tour of Dhahran”

  1. Grace Friesen says:

    Great film! Made me a little “homesick”. I was waiting to see Mango Street, though….

  2. Myron Fogle says:

    This made me homesick for back in Dhahran. Thank you for showing us this tour around the camp. We all have so many memories with family members and friends in the things we did and all the places we went to see. It help make us what we are today. I would never trade our experence over there for anything!

  3. Paul Thompson says:

    The experience of driving (or running, or bicycling) the streets of Dhahran once more was indescribably sweet. Thank you for this wonderful, wonderful experience. And if possible, could you do another one concentrating more heavily on Main Camp and its community facilities?

  4. Armineh Bezdikian says:

    What a wonderful idea to make this film. So many fond memories jumped into my mind and made me so much want to be back there. Any more movies of this type would be so pleasant to watch. For a short while I felt transformed to “home sweet home” and realized how homesick I felt for Dhahran and to Aramco.

  5. Fred Bobb, 3rd (Dh. '72) says:

    In the 70′s and 80′s we all had antennas on our
    roofs to capture Bahrain and Emirates TV stations.
    I see now that everyone has a dish.
    Wonderful video tour.

    Best………..Fred / Palm City, Florida

  6. Jim Tsai says:

    It brings back a lot of good memory. Wish I can see more main camp street view where I live for about 10 years. This is a good idea to do this. Please add Aramco beach, tennis courts, and golf course in your future plan.

  7. Isabel B Rodriguez says:

    I have the original 3 video tapes took it by one of the Brats. I keep very fond memories of the Main Camp where we used to live from 1973 through 1999. so

  8. Beth Leach Kruse says:

    Brought back wonderful memories of growing up in Dhahran….thank you.

  9. Helene Moore says:

    Such wonderful memory. Indeed in the 70′s-80′s you could see tall antennas on roof tops- on Rainbow Street. Lots of greens now. The gold course was black tar then! Ah these great memories, living amongst great people. Thanks for sharing this driving tour.

  10. Loved it. Cherished the live I had there. Actually I consider Dhahran my real home wher I grew up from age 2 to age 25. My father retired in April 1983 after 33 years of work. After nearly 32 years from 1983 I am able to view again my home town on YouTube. WOW! if only there was more since enough footage is never enough.

  11. Peter Sheal says:

    Enjoyed the tour and would have liked to see the ballpark area, library and schools. More please.

  12. Jim Carwardine says:

    What a great idea! So much has changed since I left in 1988. There is grass on the front lawns of DH Hills residences! Back then nobody had smart phones or digital movies or anything that makes an effort like this so easy and wonderful. Thanks…

  13. Jack Lyons says:

    Thanks for memories . It has been ten years since we left.

  14. Catharine Orr says:

    Thanks for the memories, so many happy ones of our years in Dhahran and Ras Tanura.

  15. Julie Anna Robinson says:

    I was there in Ras Tanura and then mostly Dhahran from 1972-1980! I still consider Saudi where I grew up! Very fond memories of the people and the area!! Love hearing about it, seeing pictures(although nothing looks remotely familiar anymore) and talking about it! Always said I’d go back someday!!

  16. Kim Poitevint says:

    Loved seeing this place again. We have been gone since 1995, but it still looks great….actually better! And a shout out to Myron Fogle. Ya’ll were our neighbors in Riyah Circle. Would love to catch up with ya’ll! Find me and Duane on fb!

  17. Robyn Wyllie 2004-2013 says:

    Preparing to leave here is really tugging at the heart strings knowing that we will probably never return. An amazing community of people. I have loved the experience.

  18. William (Bill) McClain says:

    Wonderful tour. It’s been 15 years since we lived in this pleasant community. Brings back fond memories. We lived in the Hills and driving was so easy to get where ever you wanted.
    Thank You

  19. Rita Gunshon says:

    I loved watching this tour and it brought back many fond memories of my time in Dhahran. It was an amazing experience. I lived on 6th Street but the tour turned off just before the house where I lived – pity I would have liked to see it again.

  20. Usha Raju says:

    Thanks for the Video. It brought back lot of fond memories. The video tour is mostly in my neighborhood and I felt it was taken especially for me. I even peeked into the computer when the car took a turn from my street (Tuwayq) on to Nasiriyah. I was trying to see the trees in my back yard. Great video and I wish to see more about other neighborhoods.

  21. Dr. Tom William says:

    This video is an outstanding work of Aramcons. Those who invested efforts to make this, I send my highest regards to them. The video brings back my memory and joy forever.

  22. Great!! All the comments are so well said. I have lots of memories walking with dear friend Josephina Triebwasser.

  23. Michelle Ortiz says:

    This video made me cry…I never got to go home one last time to say goodbye before my Dad retired…and I spent so much of my life there…between DHA, RT and UHD. Such great memories. And even though it’s been more than a decade since I have been there, it’s still my home :)

    Does anyone know who posted the video? I would love to get a copy that can be viewed off-line. This video passes the house we lived in in DHA and I would love to show my daughter some day (she’s only 6 months old right now).

  24. Mahboob Khan says:

    Great work. I worked in Aramco Loss Prevention Division back in the 80s, lived in Ras Tanura, but played tennis all over the place in Dhahran, Abqaiq, Ras Tanura Najma, Ras Tanura, Radhwa, and Al-Juamah. I had won the Aramco Tennis Championships. I also did part-time tennis coaching and had so many friends. One of my old students, Mohammad Al-Janaby is still in Ras Tanura Loss Prevention Division. The memories are awesome and part of my life. Mahboob Khan, email: makhan67@hotmail.com

  25. John Saadi says:

    It was a nostalgic visual return to Dhahran. We worked and lived there for 18-years. My family left in 1985, I left in 1995.

    Nice tour, thank you.

  26. Troy, Cleta, & JJ (Joyce) Newton says:

    Wonderful memories from the early & mid ’70′s. Troy worked desert & offshore, Cleta enjoyed the DWG, BSP, and was so sad to leave when Mobil sent us back to the States. JJ (Joyce) still remembers so muh although she was 5 years old when we left. Thanks for the memories. cnn

  27. Patricia Leach Stewart says:

    I do miss our life in Dhahran. It is good to see our home away from home. Thanks for a brief tour I can show people back here that we didn’t live in tents!

  28. Janice (Erlenmeyer) Ericson says:

    Our family lived in House 700, at the entrance to the circle where we had a huge Christmas Tree built around the tall lamp in the center. There were 3 sections of apartment buildings that surrounded it. On the roof of the back middle one Santa Claus came down and gave us children gifts that were inside the big tree. Such wonderful memories here. We lived there from 1950 to 1957. Sometimes it seems like yesterday :)

  29. Mary Huetter says:

    Three of four of “our” homes in Dhahran have been replaced with over the years – we too lived in Christmas Tree Circle, 702-3, for a time.

  30. Tony R. Sievert says:

    I see a whole lot of beautiful expansion, nice trees and facilities more than we ever had when we moved into Dhahran Hills in 1979. I can see my sons playing in the sand and pile of rocks nearby, and I trying to set up my “sidique” still in the garage! Cheers to all.

  31. It brought back many good memories of a part of my life which I loved.

  32. Gladys Nazar says:

    This made me homsick to many good memories wonderful Thank You

  33. Tom Kane says:

    We too lived in Christmas Tree Circle. Though I cannot recall the house number. It was 1960-1961. Many of the streets were still gravel.
    My father worked for Aramco. At the time everything was quite Americanized. We had little league. Parades with girl scouts and brownies. Santa Claus descending from one of the roofs at christmas time. We swam often in the Persian Gulf. There was a pool (public) that everyone went to. I attended first grade and was fluent (for a while) in Arabic. My sister was born there.
    I remember it as a wonderful time.

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