Eugene Stenov Trapped Under Car

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Eugene StenovSaint Petersburg 10 News

St. Petersburg, Florida — A quick trip to the grocery store ended in a stay in a hospital bed for a St. Petersburg man.

It all happened in the parking lot of Publix located off of 54th Avenue South. That’s when the 75-year-old Eugene Stenov was hit while walking to his car and pinned underneath the vehicle.

He says it’s thanks to a few community heroes that he’s alive.

“It’s a big break,” says Eugene.

As Eugene sits in his hospital bed with a few broken bones, he knows things could be a lot worse.

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Saint Petersburg 10 News

12 Comments for “Eugene Stenov Trapped Under Car”

  1. David Lanhardt says:

    Gene, sorry to hear of your accident. Thank God it didn’t happen in DH, just think of all the reports you would have to fill out.

    God speed for a fast recovery. Dave

  2. John Maag says:

    Get well soon old friend.

  3. Ron Stocker says:

    Great to see you are in good spirits and recovering. Best wishes from a fellow retiree and former C-E employee.

  4. Roger Taylor says:

    Good to see you recovering and with the same generous spirit as always. fac plng 1977+

  5. Fred Bobb (Dh. '72) says:

    How many attorneys have visited you
    in the hospital ? LOL :-)

    So glad to hear that you are on the
    mend and we wish you a very speedy

    See you at the next Florida Aramco
    mini reunion in Tampa.

    Best……….. Fred Bobb / Palm City, Fl.

  6. Gonzalo Galindo says:

    Sorry to hear of your accident. Wishing you a fast recovery and all is well.

  7. Yasmin Khory says:

    Wish you a speedy recovery. Keep up your cheerful attitude. Say hi to Mary too.

  8. Dimitri Economou says:

    Hi Gene, I hope you get well soon.

    Dimitri Economou/Allenyown, PA

  9. Bob Munter says:

    Hi Gene,

    Our best wishes for a speedy and full recovery. Glad to hear you survived the accident. Where is Loss Prevention when you need them?

    Bob Munter/Houston, TX

  10. Preston Lamp says:

    Gene, hope your convalescence is going well.

  11. Gary Pocock says:

    I’m sorry to have been so late in finding this information. Gene, I hope you are completely recovered by now. We wish you and your family the very best.

  12. Munther AL Lahiq says:

    Hi Gene this is munther. Came across this article just now. Hope you’re well now. All the best.

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