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Michelangelo. Raphael. Galileo. Leonardo. It has to be the Food.

8 April 2015 | comments (0) | Travel & Leisure | by


Welcome to a cozy home-style dining with our masterful and authentic Italian creations.

Rosso captures authentic Italian flavours with a modern twist in a rustic and cozy setting. Feast on the crusty excellence of the bread to the wonderfully light gnocchi or bite down on a succulent wood fire pizza topped with the freshest ingredients. Succumb to the rich flavours of our anti pasti, pastas and scrumptious Paninis perfectly matched with our full bodied wines and refreshing beverages. Our famous house signature, tiramisu, along with other sweet delights and a near-obligatory espresso will surely completely this wonderful gastronomic experience.


The woody decor, comfortable chairs, open kitchen, the outdoor piazza and the sweet smell of basil hanging in the air will take you on a journey to Italy while enjoying our perfectly delicious Italian food. Simply sensational is one way of describing our venue. Unwind while sipping spectacular homemade sodas on our outside terrace flowing onto an ever mesmerizing musical dancing fountain, the ideal recipe to accommodate a stunning seaside resort view. Step inside and be welcomed to an open space design, fitted with comfortable family style dining areas. Our gorgeous mosaic decorated wood fire oven will be a certain hit followed by striking a pose on the racing red Vespa by the entrance to capture your Rosso inspired moment.

Share this delighting experience with family and friends and create an unforgettable experience you can call a masterpiece.

Opening hours: 12:00 noon – 11:00pm

For more information and details, please Call 16000111 or Email:

Memories of Past Reunions

1 April 2015 | comments (3) | Reunions | by

Janny and Monique

A recent email from Aramco Brat Monique Slotboom in Holland reminded us of how important it is to record, preserve and share memories of reunions over the years. As the daughter of Aramco annuitant Janny Slotboom, Monique has attended reunions in 2002, 2004,2006, 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2014 with her mother. There aren’t many of us that can say that.

As many of you already know, it has been a tradition through the years to hand out special bags with unique designs for each reunion. Monique’s mother Janny has taken bags from most of those reunions and made decorative pillows out of them. Two images showing her handiwork accompany this article. The only year for which Janny is missing a bag is the 2004 reunion at Pinehurst. If anyone has an extra bag from that year that he or she would like to pass along to the Slotbooms, it would enable her to have a complete set.

Aramco Reunion Bags

If any of you have memories and images to share from those reunions, please let us know, and we’ll try to feature some of them in future issues of this newsletter.

Aramco Reunion Bags

In Search of Family History

1 April 2015 | comments (0) | Special Interest | by

Ben Mayeri : In Search of Family History

More than ever before, people today are taking a keen interest in their families, going back generations. Witness the phenomenal popularity and growth of genealogy. Aramcons are not immune from the family history bug. Being that every Aramcon annuitant is part of a giant extended family with branches around the world, the search for information on one’s forebears can produce rich results. From time to time, outsiders to the Aramcon family have gravitated to this web site in search of information on family members with ties to Arabia and the Middle East. In a sense, they have become auxiliary members of the Aramcon family.

Take, for instance, the case of Jeff Mayeri, a CPA from Illinois with roots in the region. He recently wrote seeking information on his father and seven uncles who were born in Iran in the days of the Shah. In researching his father’s and uncle’s lives, he found that their paths crossed those of many Aramcons and that at least one of his uncles spent time in Saudi Arabia.

His father was born in Iran sometime around 1921 (the birth records are hazy, inviting debate about his exact birth year) and left for the U.S. just before the outbreak of the Second World War. Jeff’s uncle, Ben Rafi Mayeri and, allegedly, one other brother, remained in Iran after the Shah was overthrown.

In a January 2011 article, Aramco ExPats featured an article on Ben titled, “Ben Mayeri: Metalsmith of Isfahan.” That article began, “Many Aramcons may be familiar with Ben Mayeri of Isfahan, Iran, one of the greatest metalsmiths of modern times. He was featured in National Geographic. In fact, oil rig operators used to have their hard hats engraved by this master craftsman.”

In April that same year, Aramcon annuitants Duane and Mary Huetter wrote an article titled, “Memories from Ben Mayeri’s Shop in 1974,” in which they wrote shared memories about visiting Ben’s shop in 1974.

Jeff’s web search for information on his family led him to those two articles, which led him in turn to our website.

If any of you readers have information or memories to share with Jeff regarding his Uncle Ben, or any other member of the Mayeri family, Jeff would like to hear from you. You can reach him by email at

Aramcons have touched many people’s lives all over the world and, in turn, been touched by many people from outside the Aramco family. Part of the joy of running this website is seeing people come together as a result of the information provided in these pages. Assisting others helps to bring us all together, promoting fellowship and understanding.

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Help Identify Golfer

1 April 2015 | comments (0) | Special Interest | by

Help Identify Golfer

Young Nguyen and I were visiting on the bus to Al-Khobar during the KSA Reunion. Young said she had two photos posted in both the Reunion House and the Rolling Hills Golf Club. The lady who is circled was misidentified in the Fall 1998 issue of Al-Ayyam Al-Jamilah Pleasant Days magazine as Jackie Larsen during The Jackie Larsen’s Ladies Stableford Tournament, October 19, 1978.

Young has asked if Aramco ExPats can help identify this golfer taken during the . Could it be Jackie’s twin sister Joyce Kriesmer? Please email if you can help us identify her.

Lauren Yelle married Sam Mills

30 March 2015 | comments (0) | Weddings & Engagements | by

Lauren Yelle married Sam Mills

Lauren Yelle married Sam Mills on August 31, 2014. Sam and Lauren both work for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools where Lauren teaches 8th grade Social Studies and her husband Sam is the Director of School Administration. They live in Winston-Salem, NC and are expecting their first child in May.

Lauren is the daughter of Michael and Pamela Yelle who moved to Dhahran in 1981 and lived there for 18 years over the course of 25 years. Lauren was born in Dhahran and graduated from the Dhahran Academy.

Lauren Yelle married Sam Mills

Attendees from Saudi Arabia included Rob and Helen Cox, Dianne and Bob Steen and Donna and Dave Evans, Devina Prabakhar and Laura Allen.

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