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AOC Sponsors Universities Meeting

16 August 2011 | comments (0) | Saudi Aramco News | by

THE HAGUE, NETHERLANDS, August 10, 2011 — Aramco Overseas Co. (AOC) sponsored the Arab European Universities Association (AEUA) presidents meeting recently, hosted by Groningen University.

AOC Sponsors Universities MeetingAOC Sponsors Universities Meeting
Photo by Saudi Aramco

H.E. Dr. Khalid ibn Mohammed Al-Angari, minister of Higher Education of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; Dr. Sibrandes Poppema, president of Groningen University; Dr. Max Van den Berg, Queen’s commissioner in Groningen; Dr. Sultan Abu Orabi, president of AEUA and several distinguished guests from various Arab and European countries attended the meeting. Nabil K. Al-Dabal, managing director of AOC, together with an AOC delegation, also attended.

After Poppema introduced Groningen city and the university, Al-Angari gave a presentation on education development, focusing on the Kingdom.

In Al-Dabal’s presentation on “Saudi Aramco’s 3T strategy —Talent, Technology and Teamwork,” he emphasized the importance of a talented work force for the future of Saudi Aramco. “A highly skilled and motivated work force enables us to make the most of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s oil, gas and petrochemical endowment,” he began, before elaborating on Saudi Aramco’s engagement in the development of the King Abdullah University for Science and Technology and affiliations with top universities in Europe, North America and the Far East.

“Partnerships with other leading universities and research institutions are also an integral part of Aramco’s vision,” he said, “which is driven by our desire to expand the domestic university knowledge pool in support of our research and development center, which has expanded to Europe, North America and the Far East.”

Al-Dabal briefly mentioned the Saudi Aramco-sponsored students in the United Kingdom and Continental Europe and the academic visits organized by AOC last year.

He concluded with an explanation of the educational program for continuing development of employees. “Much has changed in the world of petroleum,” he said, “but for all the new technology and more sophisticated infrastructure and operations, one thing that remains the same is the critical nature of the professionals who work in this industry, who still represent the most significant differentiating factor among energy companies.”

AEUA was founded in 1998 and has as its primary objective to facilitate and stimulate collaboration among universities in European and Arab countries at an institutional, departmental and faculty level.

(Article by Chili Li)

Company Scientist Wins Top Award

12 August 2011 | comments (0) | Saudi Aramco News | by

MUSCAT, OMAN, August 10, 2011 — Mohammed AlKhaldi from the EXPEC Advanced Research Center (EXPEC ARC) won first place at the 2nd GCC Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) young professional paper contest in June. The event was organized by the Omani SPE section in Muscat.

AlKhaldi, a laboratory technical supervisor of the EXPEC ARC Operations Services Division (OSD), presented his paper before judges and a large audience of petroleum engineers. Many abstracts were submitted by young professionals from throughout the Gulf countries; however, only nine made the final cut by the SPE judging committee. The papers presented a range of innovative petroleum engineering topics with an emphasis on the application of basic and engineering sciences to the finding, development and recovery of oil and gas.

“This opportunity provided me a rich experience, and I am very happy to have received recognition for my research,” said AlKhaldi. “This was my first project with EXPEC ARC since completing my Ph.D. program.”

AlKhaldi’s paper, “New Insights into the Removal of Calcium Sulfate Scale,” highlights a novel approach to identifying the cause of low injectivity in a sandstone well after conducting two acid treatments. It also illustrates the details of AlKhaldi’s technical solution to restore well injectivity. His presentation received a number of questions as participants expressed their interest in his approach.

AlKhaldi is now designing well-stimulation treatments, formation damage mitigation, and conformance control with OSD’s Formation Damage and Stimulation Unit. He has been active in SPE since 2001, has published more than 15 SPE papers and seven journal articles, and has two patents.

“Our laboratory technicians and scientists engage in strong teamwork and function in a multidisciplinary environment,” said Khalid Al-Arfaj, general supervisor of OSD. “They provide in-house expertise and advanced analytical services that foster innovation in upstream research at Saudi Aramco.”

“EXPEC ARC has emphasized the growth and development of our young professionals over the years, and we encourage their active participation in industry events,” said EXPEC ARC manager Samer AlAshgar. “Regional programs and recognition such as this by the Omani SPE section are a valuable way for the young professionals of our region to interact and share common challenges and technical solutions we are facing.”

Find out more about EXPEC ARC.

Ramadan Program: Something for Everyone

11 August 2011 | comments (0) | Saudi Aramco News | by

DHAHRAN, August 10, 2011 — The Saudi Aramco 2011 Ramadan Program opened Aug. 6 at the cultural park grounds opposite the Industrial Training Center. There are lots of attractions for all ages taking place from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. daily until Aug. 19, which this year, also aligns with the 19th day of Ramadan.

Ramadan ProgramRamadan Program: Something for Everyone
Photo by Saudi Aramco

The timing allows visitors to enjoy dinner at the food court tent while they take part in the activities and see the new attractions. Among those attractions are:

Al-Diwanyyaha: Located next to the Heritage Village, this theater-style setting invites visitors to take part in a daily forum with well-known speakers, thinkers and writers from around the region. Ideas and opinions are expressed along with poetry and storytelling.

The first guest, storyteller Mohammed Al-Sharhan, impressed his audience with a combination of wit and authority with regard to local history and poetic artistry.

Speakers addressing Arabic-speaking audiences include poets, scientists and opinion leaders. One of the upcoming panel sessions will discuss an important Ramadan theme — and a mainstay of any society — caring for others. The topic for Aug. 10 is volunteerism.

Photo Gallery: World-renowned photographers offer tips on how to get that award-winning shot. The Photography Gallery also displays more than 180 award-winning images, and the photos and cameras used in documenting the history of the Kingdom and the Sauid Aramco. Renowned artists will conduct workshops for registered visitors. Those interested can register on site or online through Saudi Aramco Cultural Program.

Games Town: This tent offers challenges, video games, billiards, air hockey, table tennis and other activities designed to entertain children. Table tennis tournaments will be on Thursdays, and registration is open to young visitors on site.

Performing Arts: The Performing Arts Hall continues to be an attraction. “Ramadan Nights” offers a regionally famous game show called “Jibtouha” or “You Got It,” which is a “Family Feud”-style show pitting family against family in a contest of trivial and not so trivial knowledge. A puppet show follow was followed by musaharaty, which is when volunteers walk through neighborhoods about two hours before daylight and advise people to have their last food and drink before fasting begins for the day.

Also part of the program will be Qarqa‘an, an Eastern Province tradition in which children receive special treats and sing songs accompanied by traditional instruments.

The Kids’ Theater is a kingdom of cartoon characters in a carnival-style show using entertainment to educate. There are games, contests, hands-on science and singing, in addition to other activities.

Kids’ Oasis: This tent also employs “edu-tainment” with special focus on activities that teach kids new skills, educate them on safety and health. One activity even offers facts about investment. The driving school is found here, teaching respect for others on the road.

Heritage Village: This area is a blast from the past with a taste of the present. It represents five areas in the Kingdom with handicrafts, music, Arabic coffee and dates.

Safety House: Last but not least is the Safety House, which could help save lives for those who take the safety tips home with them.

(Article by Aref Younis)

Summer Program Extends into Ramadan

8 August 2011 | comments (0) | Saudi Aramco News | by

Hundreds of thousands of visitors have attended Summer Program events at venues around the Kingdom. Many activities have been extended into Ramadan.

Summer Program Extends into RamadanSummer Program Extends into Ramadan
Photo by Saudi Aramco


More than 240,000 visitors in 30 days took part in the Saudi Aramco 2011 Summer Program in Jiddah, which concluded July 31. Among the guests were 1,500 children with special needs.

Features included a display of historical photos of the city; an exhibition of art by Saudi female artists; calligraphy workshops; and awareness talks on traffic safety, health and fire prevention.

Fifty volunteers, mostly high school and university students on summer break, helped out and benefited from their experience. “What we learn here will help us grow a sense of social responsibility and become active members of our society,” said Sara Ashmawi, a volunteer from King Abdulaziz University.

Saudi Aramco participated in the Jiddah municipality’s own summer program, “Jiddah 32,” by distributing 15,000 agricultural seedlings, 25,000 CDs and 120,000 publications.


After 270,000 visitors passed through the gates in the past four weeks, the first part of the Summer Program in Dhahran closed its doors July 31.

Those who wish it to continue will be happy to learn that it will reopen to the public from 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. Aug. 6-19. Many of the attractions will remain, this time under a Ramadan theme.


Many thousands attended the attractions of the final days of the “Hasana Fallah” festival. Highlights included a traditional groom’s wedding reception.

Led by 15 cartoon characters and five clowns, more than 500 children carrying pictures of King Abdullah ibn Abdulaziz Al-Saud marched in a carnival-style parade, singing traditional songs while being accompanied by instrumentalists.

Children also competed in several contests, including the best traditional folk costume competition and a national poem reading. A two-hour women’s program took place, with almost 2,000 women attending.


The program concluded recently after a month that drew an estimated 350,000 people. Visitor Hamad Al-Yami attended the final day to make up, he said, for what he missed before. “My daughter insisted on attending one of the photography workshops,” he said.

Ibrahim Al-Rashid said that he heard about the program and wanted to see it for himself. He said he learned how to measure blood pressure and blood sugar.

Reem Al-Rabea, a high school student, said she benefited from her experience as a volunteer. “My goal in volunteering was to gain experience and participate in developing my society,” she said. She also encouraged her friends to try volunteering.

Khalid A. Al-Rumaih, manager of Saudi Aramco Affairs-Central Province, thanked those who participated and said they were strategic partners in creating a culture of social responsibility.


At the Prince Sultan Center for Science and Technology (SciTech), the SciTech 2011 Summer Program, in which Saudi Aramco took part, concluded after more than 78,000 people visited.

The program ended with Environment Week, which informed visitors about the benefits of recycling and about treating raw sewage for irrigation purposes. The Environmental Protection Department showed the films “Land of Khuzama” and “Fish Story,” and distributed coloring books and educational booklets about the environment and what children can do to protect it.

For more information, visit Saudi Aramco Cultural Program.

Aref M. Younis, Khalid F. Towelli, Ali Sultan, Hamid Al-Attas, Batool Al-Taweel and Rawan Al-Kurdi contributed to this story.

Summer Program Heating Up

2 August 2011 | comments (0) | Saudi Aramco News | by

DHAHRAN, July 26, 2011 — It’s hot outside, but the Saudi Aramco Summer Program sites are hotspots of fun, as visitors continue to discover.

Summer Program Heating Up Summer Program Heating Up
Photo by Saudi Aramco


In Dhahran, where more than 180,000 people have visited as of July 23, there are diversions for adults while kids learn rules of the road, fly planes on the Knowledge Tent’s flight simulator, interact with their favorite cartoon characters or just get a bite to eat.

Saudi Aramco is participating in the Scitech Summer Awareness Program in al-Khobar, where events have been happening since June 29. There, Saudi Aramco Medical Services Organization personnel, in collaboration with local medical facilities, have screened hundreds for blood pressure and blood sugar, happily finding no new diabetes cases.

The program also included a Traffic Safety Week, focused on avoiding unsafe behaviors such as talking on a mobile phone while driving, driving while tired, not wearing seatbelts and others. That was followed by a Home Safety Week with help from Loss Prevention and Fire Protection.

An Environment Week wraps up the program this week, focused on preservation of the environment, and saving water and electricity.

More than 50,000 have visited the Scitech program, said coordinator Ibrahim Al-Qarawi.


Home fire safety was a big part of the Riyadh program, where 350 children learned principles of fire safety. Dressed in firefighting uniforms, children “fought” fire in a miniature house with video screens simulating flames. Lessons learned included how to select a fire extinguisher and how to put out a fire.

There were also lessons about the dangers of electricity.

In addition, the King Abdulaziz Public Library brought children’s books, which drew more than 5,000 visitors in the first week.


Ukrainian Circus acrobats mesmerized crowds in the 5,000-capacity arena at the Hasana Fullah celebration, in which the company is also taking part.

The festival also catered to 141 people with special needs and of all age groups under the auspices of al-Hasa Society for People with Special Needs and al-Bataliyah Charitable Society at the Kids Tent. Their entertainment included sing-alongs, light sports contests, and food and drink.

Many visitors were entertained by the comedic play “Shabab Cool” or “Cool Guys,” created by Majed Al-Nowais and performed by several locally known actors. The play sheds light on the many social issues faced by an increasingly large teen population.

Children built sand sculptures in a contest at the Fullah World tent, with help from their families and friends.
Schedule forming for Ramadan

Even though thousands of visitors still flock to Summer Program sites around the Kingdom, plans are already in the works to extend activities into Ramadan, which will likely start Aug. 1.

Saudi Aramco has partnered with government agencies, international organizations and local communities to put together an entertaining and educational schedule for Ramadan and ‘Id al-Fitr celebrations. From Aug. 9-19 (for Ramadan) and again from Aug. 31-Sept. 9 (for ‘Id al-Fitr) a series of arts, culture, heritage, education, sports and entertainment events is being prepared.

Times are:

Ramadan — 5:15 p.m. daily, folklore dances from around the kingdom; 7 p.m. and 9 p.m., main event at the Performing Arts Tent.

‘Id al-Fitr — 6:30 p.m. daily, folklore dancers; 7 p.m. and 9 p.m., main event at the Performing Arts Tent.

For more information, visit Saudi Aramco Cultural Program.

Information for this story was provided by Aref M. Younis, Ali Sultan and the Saudi Gazette.

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