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Trust and Communication Keys to Quality

17 January 2011 | comments (0) | Saudi Aramco News | by

HOUSTON, January 12, 2011 — With Saudi Aramco heavily engaged in large-scale projects to expand and upgrade its operations, quality evaluation of purchased material and services is critical.

Reliance on the company’s many suppliers to meet Saudi Aramco high standards requires trust, proven performance and a well-oiled system of checks and balances.

quality Phil Klefas, senior quality coordinator with Aramco Services Co.’s Quality Systems Division, Technical Services Department, spoke recently at the American Society for Quality.

That point was brought home Dec. 16 when Phil Klefas, senior quality coordinator with Aramco Services Co. (ASC) Quality Systems Division, Technical Services Department, addressed Houston members of the American Society for Quality (ASQ).

Participants represented a broad range of local interests and are among about 85,000 ASQ members worldwide who champion the cause of organizational quality evaluation and control.

In an example-packed presentation that explored differing approaches during a routine certification, Klefas showed how manner can be as important as method.

All evaluations have an impact on the parties involved he said. How they ‘re conducted is the key. If the auditor sets a confrontational, critical or suspicious tone, it can be counterproductive to the business relationship.

While Saudi Aramco is especially diligent in qualifying and selecting its suppliers, ASC makes sure all parties understand their contract expectations.

“Active listening is one of the most important elements, Klefas explained. “The best evaluations put vendors at ease but still complete the inquiry and achieve the desired results.”

Klefas should know. He’s been in quality since 1970 and is a senior member of the American Society for Quality, along with being a Certified Quality Auditor and Certified Manager of Quality and Organizational Excellence. Over the years, he’s held numerous top leadership and instructor roles at ASQ.

He’s also a certified Life Member of the American Welding Society and a Certified Welding Inspector.

Such expertise is inherent in the Quality Systems Division of ASC, which regularly conducts evaluations on behalf of Saudi Aramco. It is through corporate support of professional organizations such as ASQ that ASC has kept current with trends and best practices.

“We’re mindful of the substantial cost savings a thorough evaluation can yield,” said Majid Alghaslan, manager of ASC Technical Services.

“By serving as the quality gatekeeper for North American goods acquired by Saudi Aramco, we’ve been able to not only prevent the shipment of over $9 million in defective products but strengthen our focus on every aspect of quality.”

Like other corporate roles, evaluation is but one of many functions the impact of which is ultimately dependent on true professionals, Alghaslan added.

“In Technical Services, we’re dedicated to helping assure that Saudi Aramco’s enormous investment in products, materials and services meets high industry standards while being quality-verified by our own experts.”

Well, Well, Well: Forum Stimulates Solutions

14 January 2011 | comments (0) | Saudi Aramco News | by

AL-HASA, January 12, 2011 – Harvesting the resources of a reservoir usually requires stimulation, and ensuring the best way forward through the use of new technologies and sharing expertise on existing ones was the subject of the Well Stimulation Forum held recently in al-Hasa.

Green_01 Bahjat Zayed, center, and Saad A. Turaiki, right, speak with participants at the Well Stimulation Forum.

More than 200 professionals and service providers from across the GCC attended the event Dec. 18-19, which was sponsored by Saudi Aramco’s Southern Area Production Engineering Department (SAPED) and the Saudi Arabia section of the Society of Petroleum Engineers along with four service companies.

This forum is a vital opportunity for dedicated professionals to come together and share experiences, knowledge and solutions,” said SAPED manager Bahjat M. Zayed. It should provide us all with a better understanding and perspective.

Saad A. Turaiki, vice president of Southern Area Oil Operations, attended the event along with other members of company management.

Engineers gave presentations to kick off each of the four technical sessions in hopes of stimulating discussion between participants on finding solutions and meeting challenges.

One of the sessions was aligned with the company goals of environmental stewardship and focused on “green stimulation practices, which stimulated a flow of ideas and discussion.

Oilfield technology has transformed in recent years, and advancements such as multilateral wells bring new challenges in the even distribution of stimulation fluids across the entire target zone.

We would like to share our experiences and challenges with our partners, service providers, and the Research and Development Center in order to come up with solutions to meet these challenges, said Abdulwafi A. Al-Gamber, chairman of the Forum Steering Committee.

Latest Double-Hull Supertanker Unveiled

12 January 2011 | comments (0) | Saudi Aramco News | by

OKPO, Republic of Korea, January 12, 2011 — Vela International Marine Ltd.’s Homam Star, the fourth double-hull very large crude carrier (VLCC) ordered from Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering, entered service Dec. 29 after a naming ceremony at the South Korean shipyard.

Okpo Employees of Vela and Saudi Aramco gather at the naming ceremony of the Homam Star, the latest and last VLCC to be built under the single-hull replacement program.

Mazen Snobar, Saudi Aramco’s executive director of Industrial Services and Vela board member, presided over the naming ceremony.

GusaierMohammed S. Al-Gusaier

The ceremony was attended by more than 55 guests, including Daewoo Shipbuilding senior executive vice president W.K. Ki, Vela Technical and Support Department manager Saud Bukhari and project site manager Khalid Alhammad.

Mohammed S. Al-Gusaier, Vela president and CEO, said the Homam Star is the last VLCC to be built by Vela under the single-hull replacement program, which started in 2000.

It is built to the latest shipbuilding rules and regulations and to Vela’s standards of safety, reliability and the environment, he said.

Similar to its sister vessels, the Homam Star is built with many fuel-saving and emissions-reduction features, including the main engine power plant shaft generator, clean notation and the sludge-conditioning system.

The vessel sailed from Daewoo shipyard heading to Saudi Arabia on Dec. 30.

Saudi Aramco Eyes Future of the ‘Cloud’

11 January 2011 | comments (0) | Saudi Aramco News | by

AL-KHOBAR, January 05, 2011 – A two-day forum in al-Khobar recently brought together potential users and providers of cloud computing services throughout the Kingdom.

Hany K. Abu Khadra, executive director of Information Technology, noted that the objective of the forum was “to establish some dialogue on how the Kingdom can adopt and benefit from the rapid developments in cloud computing services. This event shall serve as a catalyst to investigate opportunities to grow innovative technology in the Kingdom and encourage investment in the local economy,” he said.

Cloud_05Hany K. Abu Khadra, right, and Shakir Al-Abduljabbar, supervisor of the Strategic and Business Planning Group of IT Planning, talk during the recent forum on cloud computing.

The Cloud Computing Forum, designed to spur the local economy by promoting the establishment of strong local service providers that can satisfy potential cloud users, featured key officials, experts and businesses.

Four keynote speeches were delivered by senior management from Saudi Aramco, the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) and the consulting firm Booz and Co.

Also, 14 presentations covering various aspects of cloud computing were delivered by major IT companies, consultants and Saudi Aramco to more than 320 delegates from 90 major companies from all industrial and service sectors.

Dr. Ahmad Yamani, chief technology officer of SAGIA, said “An important reason for developing cloud computing is its economic impact summarized in 1) developing a new industry with its own economic development advantages and job creation impact, 2) using Saudi Arabia as a launch pad for many of the cloud services to the region since it represents its largest market and its most connected hub, and 3) the jump-start facilitation it offers to small and medium enterprises, which represent the largest employer in all economies.”

“Overall, I believe this forum will accelerate the adoption of both private and public cloud solutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” said Ciro Puglisi, manager of Infrastructure Solutions, IBM Middle East and Africa, “and in my opinion the Saudi Aramco brand was instrumental in attracting such a broad and diverse audience to this event.”

Primary benefits of cloud computing include cost effectiveness, and improving speed of service, ease of use, reliability, scalability and ability to access services any time on various devices.

Mandar Vanarse, a business partner at Wipro Consulting Services, praised Saudi Aramco for the forum, sponsored by IT and New Business Development. 

“Aramco has started a great initiative, which will result in boosting the economy,” Vanarse said. “The event should be a yearly event, and the topics next year should deal with how to make the cloud better.”

MOVES-Aramco’s Nawwab Named CEO of Total JV refinery

10 January 2011 | comments (1) | Saudi Aramco News | by

Jan 3 (Reuters) – Saudi Aramco and France’s Total have appointed Fawwaz I. Nawwab as new chief executive officer at their joint venture Saudi Aramco Total Refining and Petrochemical Co (SATORP).

Nawwab is a 27-year veteran of the Saudi oil giant, SATORP said on its website.

Former CEO Said al-Hadrami will lead a newly established Aramco subsidiary in Dhahran, site of the state company’s headquarters, SATORP said.

(Reporting by Reem Shamseddine; editing by Firouz Sedarat)

Source Article at Reuters Africa

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