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Company Researcher Takes SPE Honors

19 September 2011 | comments (0) | Saudi Aramco News | by

MUSCAT, OMAN, September 14, 2011 — Mohammed H. Al-Khaldi from our EXPEC Advanced Research Center (EXPEC ARC) won first place at the 2nd GCC Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) young professional paper contest recently.

The event was organized by the Omani SPE section in Muscat.

Al-Khaldi, a laboratory technical supervisor, presented his paper before judges and a large audience of petroleum engineers. Many abstracts were submitted by young professionals from throughout the Gulf countries; however, only nine made the final cut by the SPE judging committee. The papers presented a range of innovative petroleum engineering topics with an emphasis on the application of basic and engineering sciences to the finding, development and recovery of oil and gas.

His paper, “New Insights into the Removal of Calcium Sulfate Scale,” highlights a novel approach to identifying the cause of low injectivity in a sandstone well after conducting two acid treatments. It also illustrates the details of Al-Khaldi’s technical solution to restore well injectivity.

Al-Khaldi is now designing well-stimulation treatments, formation damage mitigation and conformance control. Active in SPE since 2001, Al-Khaldi has published more than 15 SPE papers and seven journal articles, and has two patents.

“Our laboratory technicians and scientists engage in strong teamwork and function in a multidisciplinary environment,” said Khalid M. Al-Arfaj, general supervisor of EXPEC ARC’s Operations Services Division. “They provide in-house expertise and advanced analytical services that foster innovation in upstream research at Saudi Aramco.”

Upstream Professional Development Center Staff Acknowledged

12 September 2011 | comments (0) | Saudi Aramco News | by

DHAHRAN, KSA, September 8, 2011 — The Upstream Professional Development Center (UPDC) team recently gathered at Salat al-Khaleej to recognize the efforts of Upstream professionals who were involved with program development, technology deployment and testing.

Upstream Professional Development Center Staff AcknowledgedUpstream Professional Development Center Staff Acknowledged
Photo by Saudi Aramco

The four story building has state-of-the-art classrooms to foster collaborative learning along with high-tech drilling, virtual-reality and hyper-dimensional simulators that will enable young Saudi Aramco professionals to progress in their careers while working for the company.

Because of the importance of the program to the company’s strategic objective, the UPDC started classes before completion of the structure, and the first class had already graduated before the completion ceremony.

“We are witnessing history in the making. This project is a solution to Saudi Aramco Upstream business needs for efficient and effective training,” said Khalid A. Zainalabedin, Upstream Continuing Excellence director. “New methodologies in the training program capture senior professional knowledge and impart it to young professionals. They require different disciplines to collaborate and communicate, forcing walls to dissolve and enhancing workflows and decision making.”

Upstream senior vice president Amin H. Nasser pointed out that the dedicated UPDC staff has ensured that the facility will provide an innovative learning environment for all Saudi Aramco’s Upstream professionals while emphasizing the development of the next generation.

Strategic training in a new facility using the latest techniques and technologies, he said, is an important key to recruiting and retaining talent in an environment of intense worldwide competition.

Nasser was visibly pleased with the UPDC achievements as he presented certificates to the leaders of the advisory, operations, technology and administrative teams responsible for getting the center up and running.

“Both the training center and the development and deployment of the program could not have been achieved without the continuous support of the Upstream line organizations and the dedicated UPDC staff. We wish to thank you all for your hard work and look forward to future success,” Nasser said.

Program Prepares Refinery Operators

8 September 2011 | comments (0) | Saudi Aramco News | by

RIYADH, KSA, September 7, 2011 — After an intensive, seven-month training course at Riyadh Refinery, 15 refinery operators were recently certified who will work for the new Saudi Aramco Total Refining and Petrochemical Co. (SATORP) Refinery in Jubail.

The Jubail refinery is a joint venture between Saudi Aramco and France’s Total slated to start operations in 2013. The refinery will process heavy crude into export-quality gasoline, jet fuel and low-sulfur diesel along with polymer grade propylene.

The operator training program extends across the Kingdom, and several groups are in training at Jiddah, Yanbu‘ and Ras Tanura refineries. Riyadh Refinery also is training 11 maintenance men for the SATORP complex.

During a graduation ceremony in Riyadh, Refinery manager Mohammed N. Al-Naghash commended the operators for their enthusiasm and performance in the training program.

(Article by Abdullah Al-Khamees)

Al-Ayyam Al-Jamilah – Fall 2011

1 September 2011 | comments (0) | Al-Ayyam Al-Jamilah | by

Al-Ayyam Al-Jamilah is a twice-yearly magazine distributed to retired employees and adult children of the Saudi Aramco Enterprise. Much of the content is compiled from letters, articles, news clippings and photos submitted by its readers.

The magazine often includes historic photos that shed light on life in the Saudi Aramco community during the early years. It also includes articles prepared by retirees touching on their past and the company’s history. One issue annually features the Saudi Aramco Annuitants Reunion, held every year since 1958. Other retiree reunions and gatherings of offspring are also covered.

Al-Ayyam Al-Jamilah – Fall 2011

Benny and Carol Cespedes were visiting Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina, famous for its now-rebuilt Stari Most bridge between religious communities, this spring when their home in Austin, Texas, burned in a wildfire. Their own good neighborliness paid off when neighbors reached out to help them in their time of need. Photo by Benny O. Cespedes.

Click Here to Download Al-Ayyam Al-Jamilah – Fall 2011

Al-Ayyam Al-Jamilah – Fall 2011

R&DC Forum Focuses on Innovation, New Ideas

19 August 2011 | comments (0) | Saudi Aramco News | by

DHAHRAN, August 16, 2011 — More than 200 members of the Saudi Aramco technical and scientific community recently gathered for the second annual Research and Development Center (R&DC) Technical Exchange Forum under the theme “Transforming R&DC Intellectual Capital into Added Value.”

Saudi Aramco NewsSaudi Aramco Research and Development Center
Photo by Saudi Aramco

Throughout the two-day event, participants shared new ideas, innovations and advancements, in seven core areas including: Future Hydrocarbon Based Fuels; Catalysis and Process Development; Biotechnology in the Oil Industry; Carbon-dioxide Capture, Utilization and Conversion; Advances in Hydrocarbons and Materials Characterization; Advances in Chemicals and Petrochemicals; and Scale and Corrosion Mitigation.

R&DC manager Omar Abdul-Hamid said, “As a research and development organization, such gatherings are undoubtedly vital to our progression and success as they provide opportunities for the exchange of ideas and learning from each other’s experiences.”

Abdul-Hamid highlighted three major and recent accomplishments:

  • Laser Oil Fingerprinting (or DesertRay Technology). DesertRay was developed in-house as a multipurpose laser instrument that helps identify the ingredients of blended crude oils as well as blended refined products.
  • Online Salt in Crude Analyzer for Gas-Oil Separation Plants (GOSP). The analyzer can perform salt-content measurement automatically in harsh operating conditions. The prototype analyzer was tested in Ain Dar GOSP-2.
  • Gas Treating Membrane Technology for Natural Gas Upgrading. This economical technology unlocks the Kingdom’s huge reserves of sub-quality natural gas by removing large quantities of impurities such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide. The pilot plant was commissioned and tested at Shedgum Gas Plant.

Science Specialist and forum chairman Tony Rizk said, “One goal of the forum was to provide important R&D opportunities to share what’s new, exciting and cutting edge.”

“For younger researchers, it’s learning more about areas that might interest them in terms of future study for advanced degrees,” he said. “For others, it’s sharing what we are doing and learning from our colleagues. And for those outside R&DC, it’s a chance to see how we are taming technology for their specific applications.”

Atef Al-Zahrani, a Professional Development Program (PDP) engineer, found the event remarkable. “It offers me the opportunity to practice and share the knowledge we have as a team and get feedback and suggestions from attendees,” he said.

First-year R&DC scientists Hassan Al-Jama and Mohammed Al-Abuallirat agreed.

“Even though I work here, I can’t be aware of everything that’s going on at R&D,” Al-Jama said. “This event let me learn about projects and products R&DC is involved in and how they’re making contributions to the company.”

Al-Abuallirat liked the exposure to new ideas and activities – something he hoped would spark his interest and lead to further exploration and an advanced degree.

Keynote speakers included Ingo Pinnau of King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Gautam Kalghatgi of Saudi Aramco R&DC, and Zain Yamani of King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.

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