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Aramco World – May/June 2015

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Aramco World

Saudi Aramco publishes Aramco World six times a year to increase cross-cultural understanding.

The magazine’s goal is to broaden knowledge of the cultures, history and geography of the Arab and Muslim worlds and their connections with the West.

The print edition is distributed without charge, upon request, to a limited number of interested readers worldwide.

Saudi Aramco World - May/June 2015

Visit Aramco World to read the current issue and back issues of the magazine.

Saudi Aramco Citizenship Report – 2014

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Saudi Aramco Citizenship Report - 2014

Since our earliest days, we have sought to undertake activities that add real value for the people of Saudi Arabia, from building roads, railroads, schools, and hospitals to establishing wildlife sanctuaries and growing a knowledge economy.

Over the years, we have shifted our citizenship strategy to focus on leveraging our core capabilities to amplify the benefits and opportunities we create. We strive to improve the environmental health and safety of the communities in which we operate, enhance educational opportunities, increase economic viability, and promote energy sustainability through conservation and efficiency efforts. These and many other initiatives are detailed in our 2014 Citizenship Report.

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