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Jazan Project Gathers Pace

7 May 2014 | comments (0) | Saudi Aramco News | by

Saudi Aramco News

The Jazan landscape shows the early stages of development as Saudi Aramco strives to move forward on the mega-project. The refinery, terminal construction and economic city will make a huge difference not only in Jazan but the Kingdom in general.

Nearly 40 managers of Saudi Aramco’s departments supporting the Saudi Aramco Project Department in completing the Jazan project were recently gathering. During the meeting, Suleman Al-Bargan, general manager of the Jazan Economic City project emphasized the importance of the teamwork spirit that distinguishes Saudi Aramco and allows it to complete mega-projects.

“No individual can achieve a lot alone,” he said. “When work is performed within a team where each individual assumes his responsibility, achievements will be accomplished, as witnessed by Saudi Aramco over the long decades,” Al-Bargan said.

The meeting included several presentations designed to relay the essence of the Jazan Economic Development program, where it stands now and how various individuals and departments support the project.

“We are not looking only at the economic side of this project, which we know is very important,” Al-Bargan said. “We are also looking at what the project will add to life in the area, particularly to the development of people in terms of education and training.

The direct and indirect employment of locals will have a profound positive impact on building the capabilities and skills of young people that will allow them to work on similar projects in the future. All sections of the refinery and other operational facilities will have young talents working in them after receiving the required training. After its completion, the project will attract Jazan youths who hold college and high school certificates.

About 70,000 people will be working on the project during its peak construction, an unprecedented level. Al-Bargan underlined it is necessary to complete the project with the level of quality comparable to other Saudi Aramco’s completed mega-projects.

One Vision, One Stadium, One Year

5 May 2014 | comments (0) | Saudi Aramco News | by

Saudi Aramco News

As task given by The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, and the government of Saudi Arabia, Saudi Aramco delivers a turnkey world-class stadium to the Kingdom in just one year.

Many an eyebrow was raised in disbelief when it emerged that a 62,400-person world-class stadium would be built as part of a sports city just north of Jiddah in the space of just a year.

The task of constructing a state-of-the-art sports city on the northern edge of Jiddah follows the vision of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, in which he identifies sports as a crucial part of the Saudi social fabric for the future: “In recognition of the importance of sports, its benefits and role in the progress of humanity, and out of keenness for the welfare of Saudi youths”, the King states.

Ground was broken for the stadium in 2012 but it soon became clear that the iconic sports stadium was expected to be ready one year ahead of schedule and completed by the end of November 2013.

Exceptional engineering and project management have been the hallmarks of the King Abdullah Sports City (KASC) project. From the moment Saudi Aramco was given the task of building the monumental 60,000-plus capacity arena, it was all about teamwork and leadership. President and CEO Khalid A. Al-Falih steered the alignment of the whole organization behind the project and its ambitious one-year target.

KASC has been very different to the Saudi Aramco Project Management Team’s usual work. Massive oil and gas projects are commissioned and completed far from the public glare. A stadium, by contrast, is public by its very nature.

Interest in the iconic sports project is huge and comes from a cross-section of the Saudi Arabian public. Already, even before its turnstiles have started turning, it is symbolic of national unity, firing the imaginations of the young, the old, male and female, the able-bodied and the disabled. Some 311 seats and four elevators on ground level cater for the latter, in a first for Saudi Arabian stadiums.

Want to read more about Saudi Aramco and the KASC Stadium? Click here to download the full article (pdf, 1MB)

Company Dedicated to Education, IECHE

1 May 2014 | comments (0) | Saudi Aramco News | by

Saudi Aramco News

“Innovation in Higher Education” was the theme of the Saudi Aramco sponsored 5th International Exhibition and Conference on Higher Education (IECHE) held in Riyadh recently.

Organized and supervised by the Ministry of Higher Education, more than 440 local and international universities and scientific institutions from around the globe participated in the event, as well as local and international experts in the field.

HE Dr. Khalid M. Al-Anqari, Minister of Higher Education, inaugurated the event and opened by thanking Saudi Aramco for its support of the event and higher education throughout the Kingdom.

The Minister explained the goal of this year’s session was to promote cooperation and build partnerships between Saudi higher education institutions and their international counterparts. He added the event also emphasizes a mutual understanding on how to address higher education concerns worldwide.

“These exhibitions and accompanying activities are milestones that enrich academic development of higher education,” he said.

Following a ribbon cutting by the Minister and Nasser A. Al-Nafisee, acting executive director of Corporate Affairs for Saudi Aramco, the Minister toured the exhibition, visiting the exhibits of local and international universities and institutions, as well as Saudi Aramco’s pavilion, commending the company for its support of higher education and participation in the annual event.

Al-Nafisee explained the company’s ongoing dedication to supporting IECHE. “

“Through its sponsorship of the exhibition and conference, Saudi Aramco strives to broaden the young students’ horizons and provide them with the best available educational opportunities, which will help them serve their country and fulfill the aspiration for a knowledge-based generation that will support the national economy with its competitive competencies and abilities.”

The company’s pavilion attracted many higher education specialists, as well as high school students and graduates, university graduates and post-graduate students who view Saudi Aramco as one of the most attractive employers for the national workforce in the Kingdom.

Through its sponsorship and its pavilion, the company highlighted the professional and educational benefits it offers to employees. The company’s pavilion also focused on various topics, including recruiting Saudis into the workforce, training and development and scientific research, as well as showing the company’s role in higher education throughout the Kingdom.

Meanwhile, visitors’ questions were answered by various representatives of company departments including Employment, Education Partnerships, Public Relations and Corporate Affairs in Riyadh.

The company’s ongoing participation in IECHE is linked to its strong relationships with participating local and international universities, as well as its long-standing excellent relationships with universities in regard to scientific research and sending company candidates to enroll.

Over the years, Saudi Aramco has sent about 10,000 students to various universities to obtain higher education certificates as part of its scholarship and college preparatory programs. Moreover, the company supports excellence in teaching and scientific research through its patronage of more than 14 academic and research chairs in a wide range of areas, also thanks to its close collaboration with local and foreign universities.

The company contributes to and promotes partnerships with higher education institutions in an effort to meet its requirements through education, training, skill development, research, entrepreneurship and innovation. This is facilitated by managing strategic partnerships with higher education institutions, hosting international academic programs (undergraduate and master’s degrees), supporting local universities in building their capabilities and sponsoring research associate programs in science and engineering.

Saudi Aramco attendees of IECHE also included Khalid A. Al-Rumaih, acting manager of Corporate Affairs–Central Province; Jamil F. Al-Dandany, manager of Saudi Aramco Educational Partnerships; as well as a number of other company officials.

Leading By Example

30 April 2014 | comments (0) | Saudi Aramco News | by

Saudi Aramco News

14 international companies specialized in energy conservation solutions participated in the first Saudi Aramco Lighting Efficiency Exhibit.

Khalid A. Al-Falih, president and CEO, inaugurated the event. “This might be a small step on the energy conservation road, but it is a major step toward changing the society’s prevailing culture toward one of preserving its resources.”

Al-Falih said preserving energy and avoiding waste is among the company’s initiatives designed to boost the Kingdom’s economy, but the challenge is apparent. “The Kingdom’s energy intensity is among the world’s highest, with our per capita consumption amounting to double the world average per international statistics,” he noted.

The CEO further emphasized that energy preservation is a long journey that starts with small steps, but that Saudi Aramco, through its various efforts, has made several giant steps on this road as the numerous awareness campaigns conducted inside and outside the company have made significant contributions. Starting with itself, the company replaced all light bulbs in its community with energy-saving LEDs.

“It is important to change consumer culture through awareness campaigns focusing on the idea that energy saving is not only about money. Rather, it is a social concept that preserves our resources for future generations. This exhibit is part of such efforts. Such steps, though small, will be effective on the road to energy preservation in the Kingdom, and we hope that future steps will be faster and stronger,” Al-Falih said. “Finally, I would like to thank all the organizers of this exhibit and all who helped bring it out in such a respected manner.”

Ahmad O. Al-Khowaiter, acting executive director of Power Systems, said that the exhibit is part of the Accelerated Transformation Program. Saudi Aramco started with itself, he said, as it sought to raise the awareness of its employees and change the culture in the area of energy conservation, thereby providing an example for society to follow in taking steps to curb rising power consumption, especially considering that, in the end, we are consuming non-renewable energy.

Al-Khowaiter added that the first challenge facing the Kingdom today is the fast growing power demand, as power demand growth averaged 8 percent annually over the past five years, raising peak loads to more than 53 megawatts. In light of the Kingdom’s rapid population growth, consumption is expected to grow by 100 percent at peak times over the coming 20 years.

Accompanied by Abdulrahman F. Al-Wuhaib, senior vice president of Downstream, Hany K. Abu Khadra, executive director of Community Services, and Nasser A. Al-Nafisee, acting executive director of Corporate Affairs, Al-Falih toured the exhibiting companies’ sections displaying their latest innovations. Exhibited items included light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in various forms with various indoor and outdoor coverage areas.

Al-Falih inquired during his tour about various types of lamps and their ability to provide stronger lighting for large areas with the least amount of energy. Exhibitors indicated that the useful life of such lamps exceeds 80,000 hours, they save 30 percent of the power and reduce the emission of heat in rooms, thereby reducing energy consumed by air-conditioning units.

Al-Falih also toured the Children’s Corner of the exhibit where activities included drawing and coloring books on power conservation, as well as a photo-taking corner.

Abu Khadra said the event was “yet another example of Saudi Aramco’s initiatives aimed at reinforcing the company’s commitment to drive energy efficiency through the use of energy efficient lighting.

A Record Setting Run in Al-Hasa as IThra Wraps Up

23 April 2014 | comments (0) | Saudi Aramco News | by

Saudi Aramco News

Last Friday saw the Saudi Aramco initiative iThra Knowledge, part of the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, wrap up its latest program of events in al-Hasa.

For 30 days, the program enjoyed a huge turnout of families and individuals of all ages, exceeding all expectations by topping an impressive 650,000 visitors, taking the grand total for the iThra Knowledge program in 2014 to 1.65 million attendees.

Omar Bader, the program director in al-Hasa, pointed out that this broke last year’s record and is part of a series of cultural and community focused programs that strive to reach 10 million visitors by 2020 in the Kingdom.

The closing ceremony saw Nasser A. Al-Nafisee, acting executive director of Saudi Aramco’s Corporate Affairs, attend.

“The program has achieved its goals in al-Hasa successfully as it had achieved them in Jiddah early this year and Dhahran late last year,” Al-Nafisee said. “Our goal is to contribute toward achieving the Kingdom’s vision in achieving a knowledge-based economy that is integrated among all parties and is based on a knowledge society. We strive to achieve sustainable prosperity and progress, leading to a better quality of life and culture for all the members of the society.”

He further noted that about 1.65 million visitors of all ages and classes benefited from the activities of this program in the areas where it has been held so far. “This is a clear sign that the program is achieving its goals steadily and strongly on the way to its completion under the ambitious plans,” he said.

Al-Nafisee expressed thanks and appreciation for all parties involved that helped organize these events at the King Abdullah Eco Park in al-Hasa. He also extended his thanks to the hundreds of volunteers who worked with the program officials from the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture in organizing the activities.

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