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Aramco Highlights Technology Innovation at ATCE

8 October 2015 | comments (0) | Saudi Aramco News | by

Aramco Highlights Technology Innovation at ATCE

A team of Aramco engineers, scientists and researchers highlighted the company’s exploration and production accomplishments at the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) that continue to bolster the company’s strong recovery rates — some of the highest in the industry.

The company gave nearly 20 presentations during the show’s technical program and within the Saudi Aramco exhibit booth. Taken together, they painted a picture of progress and innovation that is optimizing reservoir performance while protecting the environment.

New technologies — including those used to enhance subsurface imaging and well production — are emerging and capturing industry attention. The company is focused on bringing geophysics closer to the reservoir to improve data fidelity and resolution.

Papers presented during ATCE included “Water Content Effects on Dynamic Elastic Properties of Organic-rich Shale” representing work from the Aramco Research Center–Houston in collaboration with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. The paper addressed water content or saturation as a key parameter in determining the strength of shales.

Also among the presentations were: “Proving the Concept of Unconventional Gas Reservoirs in Saudi Arabia through Multistage Fractured Wells,” “Automated Workflow for Real-Time Reservoir Management in a Large Carbonate Field,” “New Insights about Acid Fracture Conductivity at Laboratory Scale,” and “Dynamic Water Injection Profiling in Intelligent Wells Using Distributed Acoustic Sensor with Multimode Optical Fibers.”.

Additionally, the company participated in the SPE workshop series, providing a class on how to write a good technical paper.

Presentations at the exhibit booth highlighted our R&D centers, showcasing research advancements in the upstream and downstream sectors.

During the expo, Saudi Aramco and Aramco Services Co. representatives met with visitors interested in learning more about the company’s technology advances, job openings, and business opportunities.

SPE rotates this conference yearly between the Americas and other international regions, drawing participants from about 70 countries. Next year’s SPE ATCE will be held in Dubai.

Dhahran Women’s Toastmasters Club Marks a Year with Awards, Ceremony

8 October 2015 | comments (0) | Saudi Aramco News | by

Members of the Dhahran Women's Toastmasters Club's group gather together to celebrate the club's first year in operation.

What happens when you take 47 women from at least 18 various nations, mix in their speeches of five to seven minutes in length, and stir in their leadership projects? You have a formula for a Toastmasters club of extraordinarily high caliber — one that has achieved the President’s Distinguished Club award within one year of its inception led by a newly cast Distinguished Toastmaster and president Akanke Abdul-Khaaliq. And to top it off, the Dhahran Women’s Toastmasters Club’s (DWTC) membership was active for only 10 months of its one-year cycle.

The (DWTC) held its first annual year-end event at Al Khaleej Hall in Dhahran.

While guests arrived and mingled, sergeant-at-arms Sadia Jamil (who was awarded the Advanced Leadership Bronze certificate and Toastmaster of the year) opened the program. The varied program, emceed in the first part by Magda Daifi and Sayeeda Waheed, was designed to echo a mosaic, with an assortment of short presentations and speeches. Before the break, the audience heard inspirational messages from Nuha Hashem, vice president at education and president-elect, Akanke Abdul-Khaaliq, Distinguished Toastmaster and president, and Bilquis Ahmed, all of whom shared insight into the achievements of the club.

The event included the DWTC’s District Awards, which were presented by Dr. Soliman Almadi, Division M governor, and included two congratulatory video messages from Joey Villanueva, District 79 governor and Distinguished Toastmaster, and his wife, Maria Teresa Olarte-Villanueva, also a Distinguished Toastmaster.

After the break, Tirina Amabeoku, newly elected sergeant at arms, opened the next portion of the program. Abdul-Khaaliq and Hashem presented member education awards, acknowledging the hard work put in by individual members who earned their Competent Communicator and Competent Leadership certificates.

The audience was treated to an impromptu speaking challenge (known as table topics in Toastmasters lingo) hosted by Priya Abraham, who prepared various questions on the topic of “journeys.” Several adults and youth volunteered responses to these questions, with 12-year-old Yahya Kharbat and 9-year-old Zoya Waheed receiving standing ovations for their responses. Additionally, Daifi and Karla Freiheit introduced each of their High Performance Leadership projects of publishing a book of memorable DWTC speeches and A Mosaic of Journeys art project.

Next, Samantha Horseman, guest of honor, administrator of wellcare (Preventive Medicine) at JHAH, and president of the Institute for Health & Productivity Management, shared her thoughts on the role wellness plays in the lives of women. This served as a cogent reminder to lead healthy lifestyles to have the energy needed to be active members of our respective clubs.

Sprinkled throughout the second part of the program, Samantha Jackson presented door prizes. Some audience members were lucky enough to find a special sticker at their seat, and upon claiming their prizes, they were invited to share their thoughts in an impromptu speaking moment. These gifts were just one small gesture to the about 70 guests, many of whom were family and friends, acknowledging the roles they play in the success of club members.

This second part of the program also included a presentation of special awards, created by DWTC as a fun way to recognize achievement, and the “Handing Over the Gavel” ceremony conducted by Mazen Al Sadat, Area 20 governor. Abdul-Khaaliq and Hashem closed the program with their moving final remarks about their experiences with starting the club, chartered on June 30, 2014.

As the saying goes, many hands make light work. The “hands” that contributed to “A Mosaic of Journeys” and acknowledged by Toastmaster Najat Abu-Haliqa in her heartfelt Expression of Thanks, are too many to list here. All contributions from behind the scenes made this first annual year-end celebration a grand success, which is a testament to the vitality and strength of the Dhahran Women’s Toastmasters Club and all of its cherished members.

Saudi Aramco Receives Prestigious SPE Awards

7 October 2015 | comments (0) | Saudi Aramco News | by

Saudi Aramco Receives Prestigious SPE Awards | Aramco ExPats

Saudi Saudi Aramco had an exceptionally strong showing at last week’s Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE) — the flagship event of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE).

The company participated in wide-ranging technical presentations and our contributions to SPE and its mission were recognized with several prestigious SPE awards and recognitions.

This year’s conference witnessed much energy and debate among attendees, beginning with a lively discussion at the opening session titled “2040: The Journey and the Destination — Diverse Perspectives”, with panelists speaking about the industry’s strength and resilience in the face of a cyclical market downturn.

Oil and gas professionals are indeed a tenacious group, the panelists noted. “This is the time when we do our best work. We adapt, strengthen, and innovate our way right through these challenges”, said 2015 SPE president and Statoil executive Helge Hove Haldorsen.

Panelists agreed that these surges of creative genius — formed out of necessity — have shown over time to fundamentally change the industry for the better.

Charles F. Rand Memorial Gold Medal

Amin H. Nasser, president and chief executive officer of Saudi Aramco, was honored with the Charles F. Rand Memorial Gold Medal. The medal, which is given by The American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers, recognizes an individual for distinguished achievement in mining administration, including metallurgy and petroleum. Recipients of this top honor are automatically elected as a Distinguished Member of SPE.

Accepting the award for Nasser was Khaled A. Al Buraik, vice president of Saudi Aramco Petroleum Engineering and Development, who said that he was privileged to represent Nasser. Al-Buraik currently serves as a director at-large for SPE International.

SPE Distinguished Membership Award

Khalid A. Zainalabedin | Aramco ExPats

This honor is given to SPE members who have attained eminence in the petroleum industry, the academic world, or who have made significant contributions to SPE.

A long-standing member, Zainalabedin’s regional and international contributions to SPE have benefited the industry. In particular, he has reached out to young professionals in the field, helping them advance their skill and knowledge, and attain certification through SPE. He has been actively involved in the SPE Saudi Arabia Section (SPE-SAS), serving as section chairman, treasurer and secretary; and overseeing its program and membership committees.

Young Member Outstanding Service Award

Yousif M. Al-Tahan | Aramco ExPats

This award recognizes contributions to, and leadership in, the community, as well as SPE, the profession, and the industry, by a member under age 36.

Al-Tahan has been extensively involved in SPE, serving as the young professional vice chairman, publication officer, and chairman of the SPE-SAS. In 2011, he won the Regional Young Member Outstanding Service Award. He has also served on multiple technical committees to support SPE conferences in the Middle East.

President’s Award for Section Excellence

Bandar A. Al-Khamies | Aramco ExPats

A President’s Award for Section Excellence was presented to Bandar A. Al-Khamies, 2014–2015 chairman of the SPE Saudi Arabia Section and YLAB coordinator at Saudi Aramco.

“We are very proud to have received this international and prestigious recognition,” Al-Khamies said, adding that it commemorates the many dedicated volunteers who worked hard so the section could achieve such success.

“Century Club” Status

Suliman M. Azzouni | Aramco ExPats

Members of the Saudi section also earned “Century Club” status for outstanding SPE recruitment: Suliman M. Azzouni, Sulaiman Alhassan Al Majdi, Ahmad Mohammad Alabduljabbar, and Ali Mousa. The section added 1,900 new members between June 2014 and June 2015.

Kingdom Open for Business

5 October 2015 | comments (0) | Saudi Aramco News | by

Saudi Aramco recently hosted a two-day forum in the Chinese financial hub of Shanghai to boost investment in the Kingdom, planning to promote the three newly developed industrial platforms of Jazan Economic City, Al-Hasa Energy Industrial City and Ras Al-Khair Industrial City.

Under the theme of “Building the belt and road together, connect with opportunities in Saudi Arabia,” the forum was intended to inform Chinese manufacturers and investors of the sustained investment opportunities in Saudi Arabia and explore closer partnerships in the energy sector.

The forum gathered more than 150 participants, including officials and professionals from Saudi Aramco and Aramco Asia, policymakers from China, as well as representatives from 60 local companies.

“Chinese investment is welcome in Saudi Arabia, and there are plenty of opportunities for Chinese companies in the country, in both energy and non-energy sectors,” Nabil A. Al-Nuaim, president of Aramco Asia, said in his keynote speech at the opening ceremony. “There have been successful investments by Chinese partners in Saudi Arabia. Sinopec invested in a world-class, full conversion export refinery located on the west coast city of Yanbu’ by the name of Yasref. We stand ready to promote economic cooperation.”

Kingdom Offers Opportunities

Apart from Sinopec, some of the Chinese businesses, either public or private, such as Huawei, China Railway Construction, China Habour and SANY, have also made headway in these and other attractive investment opportunities.

Also in his speech, Al-Nuaim outlined a list of advantages the Kingdom enjoyed, including the strategic location, history and the role as China’s largest and most reliable energy supplier.

Echoing Al-Nuaim’s remarks, He Zhengrong, director-general of the Department of Commerce of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, noted that the region had made a tremendous contribution to the building of a new type of Sino-Arab ties under the Belt-Road initiative, thanks to the large number of the Chinese Muslim population, the Huis.

As a global enterprise, Saudi Aramco embraces the Belt-Road initiative and would like to leverage this vision to link China with Saudi Arabia. The message at the forum was clear: The potential is huge and Chinese investors are welcome to seize the great opportunities of sustained economic growth and sustained demand for manufacturing and services.

Industrial Cities Connect to World

Abdulatif Al-Abdulhadi, director of the Jazan Economic City Development Department, briefed the audiences about the lucrative opportunities in the city. Covering an area of 106 square kilometers, it is strategically located along an important sea route connecting the major continents of Europe, East Africa and Asia. Six industrial sectors of electromechanical equipment, heavy industries, consumer durables, automotive, food processing and other industries such as pharmaceuticals and packaging and 12 sub-sectors have been identified as attractive opportunities.

Adeel Akhter, division head of the Energy Industrial City Development Department, introduced The Energy Industrial City and Ras al-Khair Industrial City to the participants. Both of these cities support the Kingdom’s diversification drive and promise to bring a handsome return to investors.

Over the course of the forum, there were presentations, a showcase of previous Chinese investors, questions and answers, and a one-to-one session to examine the investment possibilities in the Kingdom. The two sides also expressed a willingness to carry on the discussion and continue the momentum for future years.

WEF: Company’s Commitment to Youth, Innovation and Partnership Explored

1 October 2015 | comments (0) | Saudi Aramco News | by

WEF: Company’s Commitment to Youth, Innovation and Partnership Explored

As a strategic partner of the World Economic Forum (WEF), Saudi Aramco took part in the three-day WEF Annual Meeting of the New Champions, which convened under the theme “Charting a New Course for Growth” last month in Dalian, China’s northeast coastal city.

Representing the company was chief technology officer Ahmad Khowaiter. During his participation in a set of both public and private forum sessions topics such as transformational technologies, digital disruption, economic divergence, regional rebalancing and environmental boundaries were covered. Khowaiter reiterated Saudi Aramco’s focus on a new generation of leaders and the commitment to technology driven innovation.

Driving Innovation

Joining the session “The Innovation Playbook” as a panelist, on a topic addressing how innovative businesses maintain their edge, Khowaiter asserted that the leadership of any company and organization should always be mindful of innovative approaches and have the courage to break down barriers in order for traditional organizations to embrace innovations and innovative ideas.

“A company’s leaders have to keep a watchful eye concerning what’s going on out there that might disrupt your industry or pose a real competitive threat,” said Khowaiter. “In 2011 when Saudi Aramco started the Accelerated Transformation Program (ATP), we were in a comfortable financial position. Typically, companies in such a position don’t want to make a change. But our company leadership decided that was the best time to make the transformation because we had abundant resources to do it and had more room to maneuver.”

Al Khowaiter then shared two examples of ATP initiatives highlighting Saudi Aramco’s investment in young leaders and in technology and innovation.

“As a large oil company, we have to find ways to stay agile,” noted Khowaiter. “We estimate that by 2020, the majority of Saudi Aramco’s workforce will be the millennials; that is people born around 1980.” With this influx of young employees, new ways are needed to engage them in shaping the company’s future, he said.

Transforming For The Future

A Young Leaders Advisory Board (YLAB) has been established to allow Saudi Aramco’s young employees’ to take part in solving problems using innovative approaches such as social tools and social networks. “It’s really a more agile platform for seeking good ideas from our employees. There are many areas where they have contributed,” said Khowaiter.

He then shared how Saudi Aramco has fully realized the importance of Research and Development (R&D) under the ATP. “Instead of treating new technology and innovation as disruptive factors to the core business, Saudi Aramco has leveraged its resource and investment in this field to serve its traditional business and explore future business opportunities,” said Al Khowaiter. “Bold steps have been taken to expand our R&D capabilities, portfolio and global presence to support Aramco’s aspirations,” he added.

Also known as the “Summer Davos,” the WEF Annual Meeting of the New Champions (AMNC) is rotationally held at Tianjin and Dalian in China. This year more than 1,700 participants from 90 countries took part.

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