Sadara, SATORP Tops in Hydrocarbon Processing Poll

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Two Saudi Aramco projects were recently selected as among the top hydrocarbon processing projects worldwide in 2014 in a poll conducted by Hydrocarbon Processing (HP) magazine.

Sadara and SATORP were selected in the Petrochemical and Refining categories, respectively. Sadara, a joint venture between Saudi Aramco and Dow Chemical Co., is building in Jubail the largest chemicals facility built at one time. SATORP, a joint venture between Saudi Aramco and TOTAL in Jubail, completed its first operational year in 2014, reaching its full design capacity.

Hydrocarbon Processing editors used a Construction Boxscore Database to select several projects in a variety of categories to determine projects eligible to win one of its awards. According to the database, more than $1.143 trillion in announced global projects are currently at various stages of development and face a variety of demands and challenges.

The projects can be long-term commitments that can take several years from announcement until mechanical completion and startup. Likewise, the capital cost for construction projects is steadily rising, as limited resources are well below the demand. The projects are multibillion-dollar investments with considerable risk.

Using the Construction Boxscore Database, editors identified 12 projects that will have the highest impact to the global or regional downstream industry. They represent important developments for the LNG/gas processing, petrochemical and refining industries. HP readers voted online to select the top project in each category.

The other award winner was Sasol’s Lake Charles GTL project in Louisiana, U.S., in the LNG/Gas Processing category.

Aramco World: Excellence Recognized

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Saudi Aramco News

Aramco Service Company’s (ASC) flagship publication, AramcoWorld recently received nine awards in an international magazine competition sponsored by FOLIO Magazine.

This was a record number of awards received in a single contest. In 2013, the magazine received four FOLIO Magazine awards, the same number it received in the 2011 contest.

U.S.-based subsidiary ASC Public Affairs produces the magazine, which seeks to broaden knowledge of the culture, history and geography of the Arab and Islamic worlds.

The annual magazine contest recognizes excellence in both editorial content and graphic design.

The 2014 contest featured about 50 categories. More than 2,000 entries were received from the U.S. and internationally.

AramcoWorld received two first-place wins, for illustration and typography. Both were awarded to “The Immigrant’s Progress,” by writer and artist Norman MacDonald, which appeared in the March/April 2014 issue.

Richard Doughty, the magazine’s editor, said the dual award is “especially exciting” because the article is both hand-drawn and hand-written. “It felt like an affirmation of hand-crafted art,” he added, “even during a time when there is a push to go more digital.”

He said that MacDonald has written and illustrated more than 50 articles for the magazine since the 1970s, making him “one of our most prolific and valued contributors.”

“The Immigrant’s Progress” features immigrants in Amsterdam — all of whom lived within easy bicycling distance of MacDonald’s home — who tell their personal stories. MacDonald’s hand-penciled text almost looks like a personal postcard. His colorful hand-drawn illustrations bring the subjects to life.

This article was the third in a series of places and their people by MacDonald that began in the late 2000s when MacDonald sent Doughty sketches and interviews of people he met in pubs.

Other articles were set in Cape Town — a FOLIO design award winner in 2011 — and Hong Kong.

Notable achievements

The magazine received seven honorable mentions, with one in the video category for “Between Salt and Sea.” Video production was a collaborative effort between photographer David Wells, Doughty and Houston-based Web designer eSiteful.

“David produced more than a dozen short videos for this story about Kutch, which is in northwest India near the Pakistan border,” Doughty said. “We pinned each video to its location on Google Maps, which gives readers a kind of virtual tour of Kutch.

Three of the seven honorable mention awards went to the magazine’s website, while another three were awarded in the categories of best article series, for “Interpreter of Treasures” by Tim Mackintosh-Smith; best single article, for “Rock and Roll Ambassador” by Gerald Zarr (November/December 2013), and best table of contents, in the May/June 2014 edition.

Visit the magazine’s website at

Press Release – Ramee Grand

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Press Release: January 20, 2015
Company: Ramee Grand Hotel and Spa, Seef
Contact Person: Cynthia Narvaez
Contact Details:
Telephone : +973 17111 999   |   Loc. : 3930   |   Fax : +973 17111 998


About Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa

Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa offers splendid 5-star hospitality in the heart of Manama. Located in the bustling corner of Seef opposite to Seef Mall, 4-minute drive from Bahrain City Centre and a short distance from many of the country’s tourist attractions. Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa boasts easy access to entertainment and recreational options whether traveling on business or simply on a mini weekend spree.

Featuring 166 stylish suites and rooms with the largest room size for any five-star hotel in Bahrain, Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa offers 12 two-bedroom Ambassador suites that are elegantly furnished with top-class amenities and designed with the utmost privacy and total relaxation of the guest in mind,18 one-bedroom contemporary Grand Suites, 26 Club Rooms with exclusive access to Club Lounge on the 21st floor with luxurious amenities,110 spacious Deluxe Rooms that are 54 sq. m in size and feature floor-to-ceiling windows.

With seven specialty dining outlets that offer memorable gastronomic experiences, Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa is one of Bahrain’s culinary destinations of choice with the best views of Manama’s stellar skyline.

For the ultimate relaxation, a 2000 sq. m spa fittingly named ‘Reborn, provides a selection of pampering treatments while the well-equipped fitness centre and health club offers a wide range of exercise and slimming options.

Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa provides all the facilities you may ask for under one roof with stylish rooms, various dining outlets and one of the best-late night venues for a perfect night out.

Hotel Highlights

A spectacular Location

  • Only 3 minutes from Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre
  • Only 15 minutes from Bahrain International Airport
  • A short distance from many of the country’s tourist attractions

Tasteful Comfort

  • 166 Suites and Rooms
  • Rooms start from 48 sq. m
  • Best view of the city and a fantastic sea view
  • Ramee Club Lounge
  • Airport pick-up service

Fitness & Leisure

  • 2000Sqm of Recreation and Spa
  • A state-of-the-art fitness center and infinity swimming pool

Gastronomic Delights

Home to some of the biggest F&B and entertainment venues in the kingdom:

  • Rialto, an authentic Italian restaurant;
  • Rasoi, the Indian restaurant with live Gazal music;
  • Ruka, the Japanese restaurant on the 24th floor with spectacular views of the Manama skyline;
  • Ibrida Club, the perfect venue for a perfect night out.
  • Red Lions Sports Lounge, unwind and recharge from early afternoon to midnight.
  • Lemon Tree, with wide variety of international tastes from the very best of Mediterranean, Indian, Arabic and Asian cuisines.
  • Tea Garden, Spend a leisurely afternoon with wide array of tea, coffee and pastries

Call 17 111 999 for more details or visit

Email us at


Ramee Grand Hotel & Spa


Trip Down Memory Lane

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Abdulateef Al‐MulhimAbdulateef Al‐Mulhim, Commodore, Royal Saudi Navy (Retired)

Just a few decades ago, if one asked any college student in the Kingdom or elsewhere in the world about his/her childhood hobbies, the answers would be more or less similar, like: Stamp collecting or reading. Times have changed so much that today’s generation might not be very much aware of a postage stamp. Of course, posting letters is no longer in vogue, as we have e-mails that don’t need any stamp or envelopes.

In the good old days, we used to write letters to friends to stay in touch. We would go the post office, buy a stamp and paste it on an envelope and would then submit it at the post office. At the other end, the friend would read the letter and would keep the stamp safe with him. These days, we don’t even need to purchase stamps to even remit funds. Everything is being done online. Postage stamp has become a thing of the past. Even officials at the post office use a machine to print a stamp-like impression on the envelope. In other words, postage stamps have almost disappeared from our lives.

Does anyone of you remember the traveler’s checks? When was the last time you saw somebody with a traveler’s check? Oh, pardon me for not realizing that many of you have no idea what a traveler’s check is all about. These checks have been around for more than 200 years. It is a preprinted, fixed amount check with the bearer’s signature on it. You buy them from the bank and are acceptable worldwide. However, with the introduction of credit cards and debit cards after 1990, these checks started to slip into oblivion. Some would argue that postage stamps and traveler’s checks had been around for a long time and with the advancement in technology, their disappearance is justified. Agreed, but what about the floppy diskette? It was introduced just in the 1970s. Within three decades, we no longer see those square-shaped objects. They are only mentioned in course books with an illustration.

Oh, I forgot, where would you find a typewriter? Sure not at a bookstore. They are found either in your father’s old trunk or may be in a museum. Honestly, when was the last time someone mentioned the word, typewriter? Of course I will not talk about rotary phone, can opener, videotapes, cassettes, music records and let us not forget the sextant. I am a former sailor and it breaks my heart to see today’s naval officers completely unaware about the sextant. By the way, the sextant is an instrument used to determine the angle between a celestial object and the horizon, which is known as the object’s altitude and it is used to determine a ship’s or a plane’s position.

There many things that have disappeared from our lives and we will never see those again. The word will see more inventions and more things will be discovered and we as humans will resort to the use of new equipment. One day, we will forget the older ones. It is said that the world is becoming more civilized but with all these new inventions, why the world does not try to make other things disappear from our lives such as hatred, prejudice, social inequality, poverty and corruption etc.

Or most importantly, why don’t we make wars and conflicts disappear from our lives. It is a shame that we spend billions in medical research labs to discover or invent medicine and drugs that save people’s lives and cure illnesses, then we spend more funds to invent destructive weapons that kill people. Can you imagine planet earth without wars?

Written by Abdulateef Al‐Mulhim. Trip Down Memory Lane reprinted with permission of Arab News and Abdulateef Al‐Mulhim.

Michael Baillie Earns Eagle Scout Award

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Start of a long road (left) / Philmont Packed (right)

Michael attends Admiral Farragut Academy (AFA) in St. Petersburg, Florida as a weekday boarder where he holds the rank (NJROTC) of Lieutenant and serves as the Second Battalion XO.

He successfully completed his Eagle Scout Board of Review on January 6th 2015 and now has his Eagle Scout rank.

Eagle BOR and the End of a Long Journey

His route to Eagle Scout rank started in Dhahran (where he was born in October 1996) when he joined Cub Pack 3255. He completed the National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE) at Philmont Scout Ranch in 2013, completed his Leave No Trace (LNT) training in 2013 and completed a 12 day hike (Trek 18 Rugged) at the Philmont Scout Ranch in 2014 with members of Troop 125 (Lakewood Ranch, Florida).

After graduating from AFA in May 2015, Michael is looking forward to starting to work on his undergraduate degree within the Computer Engineering / Science field at a university here in Florida.

Ras Tanura Beach Group Pic

After some 20 years and a great time at Aramco, Mom and Dad are happily retired and enjoying visits from current and former Aramcon’s.

Read more about Michael.