Sun and Flare

  • 19451945

    The Aramco newspaper, The Dust Rag, started July 1, 1945 which evolved into the Oily Bird, October 14, 1945; only lasted a couple of weeks, before being changed to the Arabian Sun and Flare.

  • 19461946

    As of June 2, 1946, the Arabian Sun and the Flare are combined into one publication and the new publication will be known as the Arabian SUN and FLARE.

  • 19471947

    There is a strange destiny that guides us. We cannot define it, though we call it my numerous names and when that Destiny is up, that, and that alone, is our end. So starts out 1947 in Saudi Arabia...

  • 19481948

    Perhaps we can say "the great day has arrived"... for after an absence of nearly 8 months the "Arabian Sun & Flare" is back in Circulation.

  • 19491949

    The new year starts with a fire in the Passport Office. An investigation is under way to determine the cause of a fire which broke out in two rooms in the Dhahran District Passport Office.

  • 19501950

    Ushers in 1950 at Dhahran. The Dhahran Dining Hall was the scene of an enthusiastic "demonstration" shortly after midnite when the folks of the Jebel set about to pick the Queen for the first Waajid Bowl.

  • 19511951

    Shaikh Abdullah Bin Adwan, Superintendent, Office of the Ministry, of Finance, Dammam, and H. S. Zu'oi, Government Advocate wish all their friends a very happy New Year.

  • 19521952

    At the beginning of 1952, His Royal Highness, Amir Saud Ibn Abdul Asis, Crown Price of Saudi Arabia, visits the Eastern Province.

  • 19531953

    The year started with the crash landing of a KLM DC-4 in the desert near Dhahran. All aboard escaped injury.

  • 19541954

    The year, 1954, started with the arrival of King Sa'ud in Dhahran.

  • 19551955

    The new Abqaiq Recreation Center opens with a New Year's Eve party.

  • 19561956

    The new year starts with a fire in the Passport Office. An investigation is under way to determine the cause of a fire which broke out in two rooms in the Dhahran District Passport Office.

  • 19571957

    Circle "700" and bachelor house 1717 were awarded the top prize money in the Christmas decoration contest sponsored by the Dhahran AEA.

  • 19581958

    Of comparable significance to the Safaniya production in 1957 was Aramco's reaching the three billion barrel mark in total crude oil production Dec. 4.

  • 19591959

    A record total of 993,400 net (volume corrected back to 60 degrees) barrels of crude oil was loaded Saturday, Dec. 27 from the Ras Tanura terminal.

  • 19601960

    ABQAIQ - D. R. Fate, G. F. Larsen, H. H. Plummer and K. D. Romine were appointed to new positions here effective Jan. 1, District Manager F. E. Abbott has announced.

  • 19611961

    With the departure of flight No. G285W Sunday, January 1, 1961, Aramco's International aviation service came to an end after thirteen-and-one-half years of operation between New York and Dhahran.

  • 19621962

    Drilling began last week at Khursaniyah No. 9 as a development well to be completed in Arab C member. This is one of the wells to be drilled to increase production at Khursaniyah gas-oil separator plant to a capacity of 140,000 barrels per operating day.

  • 19631963

    New North Field, 7th On Stream. Aramco's seventh producing field, Abu Hadriya, began production on December 18.

  • 19641964

    Production, Refining Up 7.1, 7.2% Over '62. The Arabian American Oil Company reached new highs in crude oil production and refining during 1963, President Thomas C. Barger announced today.

  • 19651965

    It was busy at the Ras Tanura loading terminal last month as 199 tankers left with 40,878,000 barrels of crude oil and products, an all-time mark for one month.

  • 1966 Sun and Flare1966 Sun and Flare

    The Arabian American Oil Company produced, refined, and exported more crude oil and petroleum products in 1966 than in any other year.

  • 1967 Sun and Flare1967 Sun and Flare

    Drivotron...Nearly 800 Aramco drivers have one eight-minute journey in common. The trip is brief, but the man at the wheel finds himself in a number of situations which challenge his alertness and responses.

  • 1968 Sun and Flare1968 Sun and Flare

    ABQAIQ - Aramco's new diesel-electric land rigs are breaking records in what is becoming an almost routine manner.

  • 1969 Sun and Flare1969 Sun and Flare

    Aramco's Mobile Oil Exhibit was formally opened for its second appearance in Medina on Jan. 5 when Major General 'Irqsus, Director of Police for Medina, officiated at the ribbon cutting ceremonies.

  • 1970 Sun and Flare1970 Sun and Flare

    F. A. Clivaz, director of College du Leman, Geneva, Switzerland, will visit the Aramco communitues in 10-13. Mr. Clivaz will be available for conferences with parents of eighth and ninth grade pupils interested in entolling their children in College du Leman and with parents who already have children attending his school.

  • 1971 Sun and Flare1971 Sun and Flare

    The first issue of The Gulf Weekly Mirror came off the press late Saturday in Manama, Bah-rain, for distribution throughout the lower Gulf area on Sunday.

  • 1972 Sun and Flare1972 Sun and Flare

    Special features on the rocks brought back from the moon by Apollo astronauts are scheduled at the College of Petroleum and Minerals this weekend, Jan. 6 and 7.