Elvin H. Hofmeister

September 23, 2007
Aramco Annuitant Elvin H. Hofmeister Elvin H. Hofmeister aka "Hoff"
Ras Tanura & Dhahran Saudi Arabia

Elvin H. Hofmeister, long-time Aramco RT Refinery Engineer, Project Manager and Supervisor, recently passed away in Austin, TX. Elvin (commonly known as Hoff) joins his good friends Clint Hern and Dick Reed who also departed earlier this year.

Beginning in the early 60's at the Surfside Golf Club, long before anything other than portable plastic grass was a possibility, Hoff enjoyed his weekly round of 18 with friends. He loved Ras Tanura, back when stills were a standard staple in resident's garages, when the schwarmas were safe,  the fish truck was driving up and down Surf Avenue in search of customers, when the pork house was open, and the commissary just a quick drive away, when the blue flame lit the refinery sky and the tankers silhouetted the horizon shimmering in the heat of the afternoon seemingly just a sandollars throw over the shallows.

Toward the tank farm and over the dunes to the hobby shop where the sawdust piled onto the desert, in a simpler more wonderful time in Arabia, that is where you will find him laughing with his old friends.

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