The second reunion function of SAEEA Sind Based was held on March 19, 2011 at Bride & Groom Lawn Gulistan-e-Jauher in Karachi, Pakistan. A total of one hundred and seventeen (117) individuals attended the function; out of which thirty eight were ladies. The guest of Honor was Mr. Ateeq-ur-Rehman Khan, Ex-Recruiting Agent for Pakistan.

Ateeq-ur-Rehman Khan Mr. Ateeq-ur-Rehman Khan

The ceremony started after Isha Prayers by recitation of Holy Quran. Opening remarks were given by Mr. Ateeq-ur-Rehman Khan, Guest of Honor. He commended the gathering and stressed the need of getting all retirees from Saudi Aramco to be together and share the concerns of each other in good and bad times. He handed over the papers about the Charter of Ex-Saudi Aramco Employees Association made once long ago to Mr. Qutub Khan, Gen. Secretary, SAEEA, Karachi. This may be used as a guideline for our future stepping.

Engr. Iqbal A. Khan, Vice President, SAEEA, Karachi thanked all the guests for participation which make the function successful and explained the delay in holding the second gathering was due to several deaths in the families of several members.

Families were invited on the suggestion of several members and a good number of ladies participated in the function. The association appreciated and thanked the ladies for their participation. A female representative will be selected before the next function who can pass on the relevant information among them.

Few more items were considered during the meeting which are:

  1. E-mail addresses will be provided to all members only for a better communication among them.
  2. The membership fee of Rs.1500/- p.a. was agreed. Mode of payment will be communicated by the Officer Bearers to all members either through e-mails or SMS.
  3. Fund raising through donations from the members according to their affordability. Mr. Ateeq took the lead and announced to donate Rs.5000/- (Rupees Five Thousand).

All members agreed to a quarterly gathering. Efforts will be made to develop Scrabble, Bridge, Chess, etc. groups for the members and their families to have healthy interaction.

Mr. Ateeq also urged people introduce at least two new members to the Association. This will strengthen the association and provide more social contacts to every member.

Association office bearers will contact those members who are not in good health and pay them a visit just to motivate them and boost their moral.

Suggestions were invited from Mr. Iqbal from members and the following were raised:

  • Mr. Mahtab Saeed Khan suggested for a Marriage Bureau.
  • Engr. Wiqar Fakhri stated that all Saudi Aramco employees are highly skilled in their respective fields and their abilities can be channelized to form a Group of Expertise for the guidance of youngsters. Wiqar and Iqbal will work together to form the group.
2nd Reunion of Former Aramco Employees in Pakistan Sitting Left to Right: Mukhtar Alam; Nasim Ahmed; Manzoor Shaikh, Shahid Qadri; Habib Ibrahim; Mirza Saleem Baig; Mohammad Ayub; Alimullah; Jawaid Hasan
Standing Left to Right: Zubair Ahmad; Mueenuddian Khan; Wiqar Fakhri; Zafeer; Kaiser Alavi; Aslam Ansari; Anwer Saeed Khan; Mehtab; Jaleel and Mahboob Asghar

Mr. Kamal, President of SAEEA thanked all the participants for their attendance which made the function successful. Hard work of the office bearers made the function delightful and entertaining and it was appreciated by all attendees. Verbal expression from the ladies were made that they have enjoyed the function and it gave them a chance to meet together after a long time.

The president also made prayers from GOD ALMIGHTY for his daughter, Mr. Qutub’s brother, Mr. Wajih’s son, and ex-employees Sabir Ali, Mr. Shamim Ansari, Mr. Noor M. Khan, Mr. Qasim Ali and other.

Finally the dinner was served. All the members enjoyed the food and meeting with their old buddies after a long time. Pictures of the function are attached.

In the end, special thanks are extended to Mr. Baqaur Rehman (Ex-Saudi Aramco Employee) for providing Lawn Facilities.

Download a Slideshow of the 2011 Reunion of Former Aramco Employees in Pakistan

For more information, please contact Engr Iqbal Ahmed Khan (Vice President-SAEEA) at [email protected].