Houston Educators' Visit - Day 3

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The educators began their day with a breakfast hosted by Mustafa Jalali, Vice President, Saudi Aramco Affairs. Mr. Jalali greeted the group expressing his appreciation of them coming to Saudi Arabia.

Houston Educators' Visit - Day 2

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On the second day of the tour, delegates met with President and Chief Executive Officer of Saudi Aramco, Abdallah S. Jum'ah. Mr. Jum'ah, who was appointed president in 1995, is also a member of the Saudi Aramco Board of Directors.

Houston Educators' Visit - Day 1

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Houston educators visit Saudi Arabia in a remarkable, nine-day tour hosted by the Saudi Aramco Public Relations Department.  Delegates, three-quarters of whom are K-12 Grade teachers from Houston, Texas, will experience the Kingdom first-hand in an extensive, guided tour from May 30 through June 8, 2004, in Saudi Aramco's continued efforts to support global education on Saudi Arabia.