Houston Educators' Visit - Day 6

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The Kingdom School is a modern K-12 school designed as a showcase of educational innovation in both the kingdom and the region.  The chief mission for the school is to attract the best and brightest students.  Innovative planning guides the futuristic institution in its physical environment, teaching methods and academic administration.

Houston Educators' Visit - Day 5

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On Friday, June 4, after four days of whirlwind tours, educators were given a morning to relax and unwind in preparation for a 4:30 p.m. departure from the King Fahd Airport to Riyadh. In the morning, the Dhahran School Teachers invited the Houston Educators for coffee, casual visiting and the sharing of ideas.

Houston Educators' Visit - Day 4

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On the morning of Thursday, June 3, Houston Educators were treated to a bit of Saudi commerce as they visited Al-Rashid Mall in Al-Khobar. They were all waiting at the front door of Eastern Jewelry at 8:50 for the doors to open. After much looking, bargaining and purchasing, they left the shop with at least 20 name necklaces, numerous earrings, bangles and chains. They continued around the mall, stopping at the Silver Museum, Jarir Bookstore, Middle East artifact stores and of course Starbuck’s Coffee.

Houston Educators' Visit - Day 3

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The educators began their day with a breakfast hosted by Mustafa Jalali, Vice President, Saudi Aramco Affairs. Mr. Jalali greeted the group expressing his appreciation of them coming to Saudi Arabia.

Houston Educators' Visit - Day 2

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On the second day of the tour, delegates met with President and Chief Executive Officer of Saudi Aramco, Abdallah S. Jum'ah. Mr. Jum'ah, who was appointed president in 1995, is also a member of the Saudi Aramco Board of Directors.

Houston Educators' Visit - Day 1

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Houston educators visit Saudi Arabia in a remarkable, nine-day tour hosted by the Saudi Aramco Public Relations Department.  Delegates, three-quarters of whom are K-12 Grade teachers from Houston, Texas, will experience the Kingdom first-hand in an extensive, guided tour from May 30 through June 8, 2004, in Saudi Aramco's continued efforts to support global education on Saudi Arabia.