The Joy of Golf at Aramco

BY Byron Hebert / /

It is Thursday, August 22, 2002, there is no humidity and a great day for golf. I had just returned from the States the previous Monday and Rich Crum had e-mailed me to play golf on the weekend. I would be subbing for Gary Propernick in their regular foursome on Thursday and Friday. The starting time of 5:15 was not inviting, but with jet-lag, I figured I would be awake early anyway.

Lost City of Gerrha Still Attracts Searchers

BY David W. Tschanz / /

The mystery beckons. Clues appear then contradict each other and often themselves. Somewhere beneath the sands of Saudi Arabia's Eastern Province lie the remains of the fabled city of Gerrha. For Rami Kamal, determining their location has been both a dream and source of intellectual stimulation for several years.


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