Abdul Jabbar KhanAbdul Jabbar Khan and his wife Mrs. Shabana Jabbar
An ex-Saudi Aramco Employee and an active member of SAEEA, Mr. Abdul Jabbar Khan and his wife Mrs. Shabana Jabbar, presently staying in USA, are currently visiting Karachi, Pakistan. Abdul Jabbar assisted SAEEA during its initial establishment process. A few close friends and SAEEA arranged a dinner party in their honor at a local restaurant, VILLAGE, on April 03, 2012. A total of 31 SAEEA members and families attended the function. As a token of appreciation, SAEEA presented a wall clock with the SAEEA logo to Abdul Jabbar Khan, and a bouquet to his wife, Shabana. Abdul Jabbar appreciated SAEEA's hospitality; he offered his continued support in all respect to SAEEA. View more photos by clicking the button below.

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