Amna Asif Mirza Weds Fahad Bin Zulfiqar
Amna Asif Mirza weds Fahad Bin Zulfiqar in Karachi, Pakistan on March 01, 2013. The wedding ceremony was held at “MARBLE ARCH” Defense Authority Sunset Club, Phase II, Khayaban-e-Jami, Karachi. The marriage ceremony of Dr. Amna Asif Mirza daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Asif Mirza with Dr. Fahad Bin Zulfiqar son of Mr. and Mrs. Zulfiqar Bhatti took place on 1st March, 2013 at Marble Arch, Defense Housing Authority, Karachi. The colorful ceremony was attended by a large number of guests including Ex-Aramcons residing in Karachi. Dr. Amna Asif Mirza is a graduate from Ziauddin Medical College, Clifton and Dr. Fahad Bin Zulfiqar graduated from Dow Medical College, Karachi. Both of them intend to pursue higher studies and specialization in the field of medicine. The brides father, Mr. Asift Mirza, (Badge No. 72516), is a permanent member of Saudi Aramco Ex-Employee Association (SAEEA). He worked for Saudi Aramco from 1973 through 1987. He worked with Southern Area Office Services, Abqaiq. He is permanently settled in Karachi, Pakistan. Mr. Asif Mirza and Mrs. Yasmin Mirza have 3 children. Son Muhammad Yasir Mirza who was born at Aramco Hospital, Dhahran is a Chartered Accountant and is residing in Canada with his wife Asima and son Zayan. Dr. Sadia has done her MBBS from Dow Medical College and is residing in Canada with her husband Nauman Mehboob Khan who is an I.T. Engineer and with her daughter Inaaya.
Amna Asif Mirza Weds Fahad Bin Zulfiqar
The Saudi Aramco Ex-Employees (SAEEA Members) who attended the ceremony are as follows:
  • Mr. Ghulam Qutubuddin Khan
  • Mrs. Shahida Qutub Khan
  • Mr. Mohammad Abdulmatin
  • Mrs. Naheed Abdulmatin
  • Mr. Sher Ali
  • Mrs. Sabra Sher Ali
  • Mr. Arif Qamar
  • Mrs. Sohaila Arif Qamar
  • Mr. Mohammad Ashfaq
  • Mrs. Khalda Ashfaq
  • And others
The function was very well organized; the food was very delicious and the guests enjoyed the function and food as well. SAEEA wish all the best to Dr. Amna and Dr. Fahad a very prosperous and happy married life. Reported by: Ghulam Qutubuddin Khan, General Secretary, SAEEA, Karachi, Pakistan View more photos of Amna Asif Mirza Weds Fahad Bin Zulfiqar in the Aramco ExPats Galleries.