Amy is holding her own. In fact, she has been moved from the top of the Heart Transplant Donor List. That only means her body is holding up. She is still on the donor list, but they have her stabilized and she is doing well.

I know your cards are pouring to Amy and we thank all of you.

Daren Lamb


Will you please send Amy a cute or funny get well card? And, if you have friends who would send one, pass this along to them. Amy nor her parents know I am organizing this card marathon, so it will be a great surprise to her to receive cards from all over the world.

Shand's Children's Hospital at the University of Florida
Pediatric ICU
Gainesville, FL 32601

Shand's Children's Hospital has a patient message line.
Patient's first name: Amy
Patient's last name: Lamb
Shands facility (select one) Click on: Shands at UF (Gainesville--Shands HealthCare's largest facility)

Thank you for sending Amy a Cheery Get Well Card or Message.

Daren Lamb (Amy's Aunt from RT)
[email protected]