The mail continues to pour in from everywhere and her parents have asked me to send their thanks and love, to everyone who has, and is responding, until they can do so themselves.

Amy is not out of the woods yet. It may be a long time before she is, and the transplant could happen at any time. Being home gives her exercise and makes the time go faster.

Will you please send Amy a cute or funny get well card? And, if you have friends who would send one, pass this along to them. The card marathon from around the world is continuing to keep Amy occupied during this time of waiting.

Amy's Church has volunteered to receive her mail and deliver it to her. Please send your cards to the following address:

The First Presbyterian Church
15 West Church Street
Kissimmee, FL 34741

Thank you for sending Amy a Cheery Get Well Card or Message.

Daren Lamb (Amy's Aunt from RT)
[email protected]