Arabic Women's Group helps build cultural bridges with 'Arabian Nights'
Arabic coffee, dates, and warm hospitality were
on the menu for the recent Arabian Nights event
sponsored by the Arabic Women’s Group in Ras
Tanura. About 150 people attended the event.

Ras Tanura’s (RT) Arabic Women’s Group is a significant multicultural group that builds bridges of understanding between the Arabic culture and other cultures within Saudi Aramco. Members enjoy monthly meetings that include educational and recreational speakers, product demonstrations, and design instruction.

Recently, the group, in conjunction with the Northern Area/Western Region (NA/WR) Community Services Department, hosted an Arabian Nights event — the second of its kind focusing on the community happiness campaign.

This event was exclusively for the women within the community who wanted to experience Middle Eastern and North African cultures such as those in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Morocco, Algeria, and Lebanon.

Held at the East Lounge, about 150 people attended the event.

Authentic Arabic Cuisine

After several performances and an introduction to some of the common Arabic cultural aspects, dinner was served. Community members enjoyed a unique blend of authentic Arabic cuisine that was indicative to the regions that they represented.

The women transformed the East Lounge in Najmah’s Surf House with colorful and ornate displays. Food was served in a tent style setting, while a beautiful display was created where people could take photos with friends and family.

Organizers thanked the Recreation Services Unit and the caterer for helping facilitate another memorable Arabian Nights Cultural Show.