Aramco Brat Launches Vegan Dessert Kit Company

Aramco Brat Athena (Ashley) Simpson was born in Dhahran December 28, 1983. At 12 months she displayed very noticable hyperactivity, and by the time she was Terrible Two, many in Dhahran were aware that she was adorable, but a devil in disguise.

Shortly afterward, it was discovered she had food allergies that cause hyperactivity, and her parents began a multi-year quest to find foods that allowed her to feel good and not “terrorize” the neighborhood. The unfortunate thing is that she was not able to eat what other kids ate, especially when it came to desserts.

Her life experience became a life passion; creating desserts that are allergy-free, organic and vegan. From that passion she formed HEAVEN + HELLTHY: Good Food That Tastes Naughty in 2013. Three years from that day, she launched her first product at London’s Allergy + Free From Show July 8th 2016.

Her first product is a make-at-home kit for Chocolate Chip Cookies. They are free-from major allergens including nuts, soya, eggs, dairy and gluten and are also vegan. The kits come complete with every ingredient required; you don’t need to add anything. Packaged in a beautiful box, designed by London artist Ian Fleming, just remove the pink sleeve and it becomes a gift box, making these cookies an extra special present. Her next product offering will be brownies.

Kits are now available in the UK for on-line purchase. Soon they will be offered through several e-commerce retailers, independent stores and outside of the UK. HEAVEN + HELLTHY will launch in the US in 2017.

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