Saudi Aramco Annuitant David Jessich David Jessich
Photograph Contributed by David Jessich

Aramco ExPat, Brat and avid collector David Jessich retires Wednesday, 22 September 2004.

Among his many hobbies and collections, he was president of the Arabian Philatelic Association and would be most interested to hear from fellow collectors of Saudi stamps.  He has put together a nearly complete collection of Saudi coins and would like to make contact with other numismatists to try and find the few qirsh he is missing.  He has a complete collection of Saudi banknotes (in mint condition) along with several spares of recent issues and can advise anyone on that topic.  He has amassed a reasonable assortment of Pepsi and Coke bottles that he found at old drilling camps in the Rub al-Khali and hopes to learn more about those.  Finally, he jests that he has a partial set of Aramco silverware from several different eras and is looking to find the missing forks, spoons, etc.

He plans to attend the Aramco Brat Reunion in Houston next year.

Contact him at:

David Jessich
3600 Avendale Drive
Austin, Texas 78738-5026

Phone: (512)263-8727

Email: [email protected]