Saudi Aramco Pilot Friends Chuck Lindsey, Lou Zajicek, Charlie Reed, Errol Thompson, Mazen Snobar, Larry Hildreth, Butch Coltrane
Photograph by Aramco ExPats
Saudi Aramco Pilot Friends at Dinner - Houston InterContinental Dinner at the Houston InterContinental
Photograph by Aramco ExPats

Aramco Services Company President and CEO Mazen I. Snobar hosted a reunion for former Aviation Department employees and their guests at the Houston InterContinental Hotel on April 1st and 2nd. Mr. Snobar was Manager of the Aviation Department earlier in his career with Saudi Aramco and was well acquainted with all those that attended. In addition to being Manager of Aviation Mr. Snobar flew as Captain on all of Aramco’s aircraft both fixed wing and rotary.

The evening began at 7 pm with cocktails, followed by dinner and dancing to a live band in the Houston InterContinental’s well appointed function room. Mr. Snobar took the stage early on to cordially welcome the more than 120 guests. He expressed his enthusiasm to see so many fellow employees of the Aviation Department. Mazen went on to express, on behalf of Saudi Aramco and himself, their thanks for the many years of devoted service by those present toward the ongoing successes of the Aviation Department and Saudi Aramco. Further, Mr. Snobar expressed his hope that another reunion could be scheduled in the future so that the strong bond between former employees and Saudi Aramco will continue.

The evening’s festivities lasted well past midnight with everyone having a great time renewing old friendships and swapping tales.

Saudi Aramco Annuitants Tom and Pam Parry Tom and Pam Parry
Photograph by Aramco ExPats

A delicious breakfast buffet was well attended the next morning despite the late hours of the night before, and everyone was glad of the chance to see their friends a last time before the reunion ended. An Aramco aviation video was shown during breakfast to everyone’s delight. Featured in the video were the many different types of Aramco aircraft and aviation operations.

Many thanks to Mazen Snobar (President ASC), Jamil Al-Dandany (PR Manager ASC), Gary Bain (Aviation Manager Houston Operations), the staff at Aramco Services Company and Saudi Aramco for making this reunion a great success.