Saudi Aramco’s flagship publication, AramcoWorld, was honored recently in New York City with 10 magazine-industry awards. This is the highest number of awards ever received by AramcoWorld from the international competition sponsored by Folio: magazine, which this year attracted more than 3,000 entries in 150 categories of editorial excellence and 90 categories of design excellence. Each category is based on magazine type, mission and circulation size, and each entry is evaluated by three to five industry peer judges. AramcoWorld was commended for editorial excellence of its digital edition, its six-part series ”Travelers of Al-Andalus” and its videos “The Hazelnuts of Trabzon” and “The Cave Artists of Sulawesi.” The magazine received laurels in overall design excellence and in two categories for outstanding digital design. The cover of the September/October 2014 issue was commended, as were the illustrations in the series “Travelers of Al-Andalus” and photography in the feature, “The Hazelnuts of Trabzon.” “The broad spread of awards highlights strength from every member of our editorial team,” said Richard Doughty, editor. “The long tradition of the magazine’s excellence inspires everyone— challenging us to take quality further every day and explore new platforms for delivery.” Public Affairs in Aramco’s Houston office produces the bimonthly print and online magazine, which seeks to broaden knowledge of the culture, history and geography of the Arab and Islamic worlds. Earlier this year, AramcoWorld opened its Instagram feed, @aramcoworld. “Of all the social media out there, Instagram is almost ideal for AramcoWorld,” says Doughty. “We have six decades of archival photos to draw from as well as photographers right now producing beautiful, storytelling images. Even though a single picture and a caption might seem small compared to what we do in print, it’s actually a powerfully memorable combination, and it fits today’s digital reading habits.”