Dania Matin with Aroush and ArizDania Matin with Aroush and Arizcake
Baby Aroush and Master Ariz (twins) children of Irfan Farooqi, Sunbul Farooqi and grandchildren of Mr. Mohammad Abdulmatin the founder member of Saudi Aramco Ex-Employees Association (SAEEA) celebrated the first Happy Birthday in Karachi with their close relatives and friends. Mohammad Abdul Matin, Saudi Aramco ID No. 72863, worked for Personnel (Employment) Department from 1974 thru 2007. Mr. Mohammad Abdulmatin and Mrs. Naheed Matin celebrated first birthday of their daughter’s twins on May 01, 2014 in Karachi. Their daughter Sunbul graduated from Arkansas University, USA in 2006, married in 2008 with Irfan Farooqi who is settled in Al-Khobar Saudi Arabia. These are Farooqi twin children. The daughter’s name is Baby Aroush Farooqi and son’s name is Master Ariz Farooqi. Mr. & Mrs. Matin have another daughter, Dania, currently in her final semester of completing her BS in Fashion Design from IQRA University Karachi. All members of SAEEA wish the family a very Happy Birthday and hope that the kids to have a successful life in future.
FamilySunbul; Mrs.Naheed; Aroush; Ariz-Dania; MA MatinFamilySunbul Farooqi; Dania Matin; Naheed Matin with Ariz and MA Matin with Aroush