Baby Umaima Shahzad

Baby Umaima Shahzad daughter of Shahzad Salim and granddaughter of Muhammad Salim Hamid the Finance Secretary of Saudi Aramco Ex-Employees Association (SAEEA). Muhammad Salim Hamid Badge No 73199 who worked for Fixed Assets Accounting Department in Dhahran during 1976-87. On April 16, 2015 Baby Umaima has completed her one year. The family arranged a dinner party outside in a local restaurant and Umaima was lucky that her Bari Dadi also joined the party. The selection of the restaurant was a faraway very well known in city named as “Kolachi” which is situated at the sea shore of Karachi and the area is known as “Do Darya”. The popularity of the restaurant is because of its quality food and service. Further the atmosphere of the restaurant was cool with breezing wind and with very low lights at the place. Though there were no candles but the effect looked like a candle light dinner. It was a little challenging for the taking the snaps for the party. All the family members gave gifts to Baby Umaima. The biggest gift of the party was that, the mother of Muhammad Salim Hamid agreed to join the party despite difficulty of her movement ability. All the family members enjoyed the delicious food and the company of their Grand Mother (mother of Mr. Muhammad Salim Hamid) which makes the party most memorable and will be remembered by all for a longer period of time. SAEEA wish Baby Umaima Shahzad a very Happy First Birthday and many more to come. Further SAEEA congratulate Mr. Muhammad Salim Hamid and Shahzad Salim and rest of the family members to enjoy many such celebrations in future. We wish a very healthy and prosperous future to Baby Umaima Shahzad, Ameen.

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