Bill Yeager is safely home in Escondido, California after suffering a kidney infection that landed him in the hospital in Pinehurst, NC on the first day of the 2004 Annuitants Reunion.  The physician in Pinehurst suggested surgery, but this would require Bill to remain in Pinehurst for a month-long recovery.

Alison and Bill discussed their options and, with an encouraging note from his Pinehurst physician, decided to return to California where Bill would seek medical attention closer to home.  One problem however was that Bill and Alison had driven to Pinehurst.  In Bill's condition it was not possible for him to make the journey back to California by car.  Tim Barger came to their aid and offered to drive their car back to California, which allowed Bill and Alison to fly home together.

Alison reports that, now home, Bill is under his doctor's care and awaiting a report that will determine how they will proceed.  In the meantime, he is doing better and Alison, while a bit shook up from the experience and disappointed she had to attend the reunion dinners without Bill, is relieved to be home and feeling reassured that all will be well.