Thank you for posting our lost dog, Bo, on your website.

This evening, after eight days, Blake and Olga sighted Bo near Garden Village in Jubail. Olga called him but he refused to come but started howling when his name was called.

We jumped in the car and rushed over and followed Blake and Olga to a construction site nearby. I called Bo a few times and here comes this black dog rushing to us!!!

Not much damage, been in a few fights and covered with ticks, but my wayward son is home.

We would like to thank all the people who were out looking for Bo. Especially, Edwin Lubbers, manager of the Al-Ventura compound, who was the first one to spot Bo, Kathi Beck, who had her students post Bo’s flyers all over Jubail, the people in the Al-Yusr Village and the Mortco Compound who called in when they spotted Bo. And Olga Budge who tracked and stayed with Bo until the we could come and capture him.

P.S. Julia and Kevin Sterling have donated S.R. 1,000.00 to PAWS in Bo’s name. THANK YOU Julia and Kevin. ~Jerry Hurych