Engr Iqbal Ahmed Khan Engr Iqbal Ahmed Khan

Name? Engr Iqbal Ahmed Khan

Job Title & Department? Supervisor-Planning & Program Unit Ras Tanura Producing Department-Juaymah

Compound Residence? Najmah Camp, Ras Tanura

Spouse? Mrs. Zohra Iqbal

Children? Two daughters: Dr. Kiran A. Rehman and Erum Imran

Grandchildren? Habib Ur Rehman (7 years), Mariam A. Rehman (6 years), Zoya Imran (4 years), and Zara Imrab (2 years)

What year did you start working for Saudi Aramco? 1977

What year did you retire? 2006

Where do you live now? Karachi, Pakistan

What attracted you to working for Saudi Aramco and living in Saudi Arabia? I worked for Pakistan Petroleum Limited from 1970 to 1977. When I got an offer from ARAMCO, I opted to work for them, as I was going in the same field. Once I came to Saudi Arabia and started working, it was fun. The work was of my interest, and at the same time I was introduced to multinationals from all over the globe. It was nice to work with Americans, British, Sri Lankans, Bangla Deshis, Filipinos, Egyptians, Europeans and Saudis. I enjoyed working with them all and always learned something new working with so many nationalities.

Engr Iqbal Ahmed Khan Engr Iqbal Ahmed Khan in 1999.

What is one of your favorite memories of Saudi Arabia? Witnessing the development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in every walk of life was most memorable. I was very proud to be the part of the development of Saudi Arabia and enjoyed the process. I remember being on the team of many mega projects of Saudi Aramco. I saw Saudis become the CEO and President of ARAMCO and later the change of name of the company from ARAMCO to Saudi ARAMCO. Most recently, I remember the launching of the new logo of Saudi Aramco.

What are some of your favorite hobbies in your retirement? I am a volunteer Content Manger for Contact Pakistan, a virtual NGO. We publish a newsletter twice a month for the Pakistani Community outside of Pakistan. I am also Vice President with Ex-Saudi Aramco Association, Sindh-based. Last but not the least, I am a member of the Local Council of Pakistan Institution of Engineers and also a member of the Think Tank Committee of IEP. All these activities keep me so busy that I am always short of time.

Anything else you'd like to share? I have a USA valid visa and if all goes well I will see if I can attend the upcoming Annuitant Reunion. I just want to tell everyone that it was an honor to work for Saudi Aramco. I was very well taken care of and I never felt that I was staying out of Pakistan. I always say that Saudi Aramco is not a company; it is an Institution for anyone to be part of it and learn from. If you are with Saudi Aramco, there is no limit for learning. If ever you get a chance to join Saudi Aramco, do not think twice; just go for it.

Iqbal Khan and Family Eid Day in Karachi

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