Hello, My name is Martin Armstrong. I am a senior researcher at Barker Langham, a cultural consultancy currently undertaking collections research for several museum projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

As part of the development of these projects, we are looking to identify private collections of photographs, film footage, objects and documents, etc. related to Saudi Arabia and especially material related to the Saudi Arabian royal family.

Our main area of focus is the second half of the 20th century, but material from all historical periods would be of interest. Alongside ‘ethnographic’ material (items of craftwork or clothing, items related to traditional life) we are interested in images and objects related to daily life as experienced by Saudi Arabians and by expatriate workers in the Kingdom.

We would warmly appreciate it if you could share this call for content. We are particularly interested in any content of the following types, related to visits by or meetings with members of the Saudi royal family:

  • Images (photographs, slides, drawings, paintings, etc.)
  • Footage (film, video, audio, etc.)
  • Objects (artefacts, gifts, handicraft items, everyday objects)
  • Correspondence or documents (these could be letters from or to members of the royal family, or newspaper clippings or articles mentioning them; or other kinds of documents or paperwork)
  • Anecdotes and stories (these needn’t be written down — an interview could be arranged to discuss these stories and anecdotes further)

We would love to hear from anyone who might have the kind of collections or recollections listed above to discuss further. We would be delighted to hear from you.

Collections Research for Several Museum Projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

You can get in touch with us at the following e-mail address and telephone number:



Yours faithfully,

Martin Armstrong
Senior Researcher, Barker Langham