College Degree Program Now Open
Students in the CDPNE program

Registration for Saudi Aramco’s College Degree Program for Non-Employees (CDPNE) will be open from February 29, 2016 to March 9, 2016. The application, which is only open once a year, will be available online.

The CDPNE is a highly selective scholarship program for Saudi male and female high school graduates. It is one of the Saudi Aramco’s primary sources for entry-level Saudi professionals. Each year, Saudi Aramco selects top Saudi high school graduates from the science stream — with the requisite high school GPA, Qiyas, and company English and math placement scores — to be sponsored to study for a bachelor’s degree in a discipline required by the company.

Saja's story

College Degree Program Now Open
Saja Mohamed Matsah
Major: Computer Science

I joined the CPP because I’ve always been passionate about programming. I‘ve never stopped chasing my dream to become a programmer, even though the field of computer science is dominated by males, and there are limited opportunities to study computer science.

I was inspired by my brother, who was a former CPP student. He provided me with a lot of information about his time as a CDPNE student. He told me about Saudi Aramco’s CPP, which prepares trainees mentally and physically for life overseas. It helps to build students’ independence and life management skills, and provides a platform to explore their creativity through club activities. The ultimate goal is to ensure that trainees are ready to study abroad in one of the top universities worldwide.

It is important to note that before applying to the CDPNE, prospective students should aim to get high marks in secondary school, and have the strength and commitment to do their best to serve their company and their country.

Further information and details on how to apply for the program can be found on the College Degree Program pages.