Fourteen-year-old Corey Roberts, a freshman at Bellevue's Newport High, dreams about a career on the stage. On Friday, she was busy getting ready for one of the biggest moments in her young life -- a chance to take the stage at Seattle's 5th Avenue Theater during a performance of "Singin' In The Rain'' Friday night.

Granted, it was just a walk-on role with no lines. And granted, Corey's had plenty of acting roles with more responsibility.

But this was the big time -- and she was jazzed.

"I'm definitely excited,'' she said Friday morning.

Born in Saudi Arabia, where her father worked for Saudi Aramco, the oil company, Corey developed an affection for the stage early. She had roles in a number of productions while she was in Saudi Arabia. After her father retired and the family moved to Bellevue, Corey joined the Actors Studio on Mercer Island. She's planning to try out for a school production of "Annie Get Your Gun.'' She's also a member of the Newport High Advanced Choir, which will travel to Anaheim, Calif., this spring for a competition.

"She's got a lot of talent,'' her father said. But it wasn't just talent that landed her a chance to a walk-on role in Friday's performance. Her father said she got the chance because of a contribution he made to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

A contingent of family members -- and friends from school -- planned to witness her 5th Avenue Theater debut.