Nearly three dozen employees were joined by members of their family and management during a recent award ceremony recognizing their long service to the company. Hailing from various areas of Operations and Business Services, the employees were recognized for 35 or 40 years of dedicated service to Saudi Aramco.

Thirty-three long-standing Saudi Aramco employees from Operations and Business Services were honored at a 35 and 40-year service award ceremony and luncheon held recently at the RT Najmah East Lounge. Honorees from the Northern Area Industrial Security Operations Department, Corporate Security Services, the Fire Protection Department, the Northern Area/Western Region Community Services Department, the Marine Department, the Transportation Department, the Training and Technical Support Department, and John Hopkins Aramco Healthcare staff gathered with family members, colleagues and guests for the ceremony. Muhammad M. Al Saggaf, acting service line head of Operations and Business Services, Mohamed G. Al-Zahrani, vice president of Safety & Industrial Security, Hany K. Abu Khadra, executive director of Community Services, Abdulhakim Gouhi, executive director of Industrial Services, Abdullatif Al Ghanim, then-acting general manager of Training and Development, and Abdullah Dossary, chief operating officer of the Patient Support Services, Medical and Technical Support Services Department honored 33 awardees for their achievement and their combined 1,165 years of continuous service at Saudi Aramco. Those being recognized included: Ahmed Al-Thawwadi, Rashid Hajri, Saad Al-Yami, Salim Al-Ulyan, Mana Al-Yami, Salem Al-Qahtani, Ibrahim Al-Hadhoud, Ahmed al-Amri, Saleh Al-Harith, Rashid Al-Dossary, Mubarak Qahtani, Adil Badran, Mubarak Al-Qahtani, Hamad Al-Marri, and Saeed Al-Subaie of the Northern Area Industrial Security Operations Department; Sa’ad M. Al-Qahtani of Corporate Security Services; Ahmed Al-Qanbar, Saad Sudairi, and Ahmed Al-Dawood of the Fire Protection Department; Abdulaziz Dossary, Abdullah Hulaiw, Abdalla Sinan, Ali Sulail, Mohammad Makki, Muflah Dossary, and Ali Safwan of the Northern Area/Western Region Community Services Department; Ibrahim Aysh, Majid Al-Dahim, Zaki Al-Haddad, Abdullah M. Al-Mohsin, and Ahmed Al-Matar of the Marine Department; Mohammad Al-Sadiq of the Transportation and Equipment Services Department; Jaffer Al-Salat of the Training Technical Support Department; and Jaffer M. Al-Rabea of the Medical and Technical Support Services Department.