Representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs visited Saudi Aramco for a one-week intensive program to gain insight into the company’s operations and environmental efforts, especially in the areas of climate change and sustainability. The Kingdom recognizes the need to continue on its path to more sustainable economic growth and development through public-private partnerships and economic diversification efforts. Environmental Protection Department manager Nabil Al-Nuaim stressed the purpose of the event was to engage in constructive dialog so all parties emerge with fresh insight to benefit both the company and the Kingdom. Al-Nuaim stressed the need to view environmental protection as part of a broader Kingdom policy on sustainability that also includes energy, economic and social aspects. Workshop presentations and tours sought to shed light on Saudi Aramco’s leadership role in combating climate change through its carbon management, efficiency, and other environmental programs, including the Master Gas System and flare-minimization projects. Further discussions involved ongoing areas of cooperation and preparation in support for the Kingdom’s position at the December negotiations in Paris at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, where countries will gather to shape the future of climate-change policy.