Farmer Joe Remembers Arabia
Farmer Joe Remembers Arabia

Just like all the rest of us who work or once worked at Aramco, Joe LeBlanc remembers his badge number (Hint: It starts with a "1"). Just like us as well, he carries with him fond memories of his days living and working in the Kingdom.

Along with his wife Betty, Joe moved to Dhahran in 1980 to begin work as a Computer Systems Analyst with OSPAS. He retired in 1991 and today the LeBlancs call Amherst, Virginia home.

Prior to moving to Arabia, they lived and worked for a time in Tehran, Iran, where they enjoyed listening to Aramcons telling them about the many opportunities Saudi Arabia offered and how much they enjoyed life there.

Several years later Joe was hired by Aramco Services in Houston where he had several opportunities to travel to Dhahran while working on a Computerized Maintenance Management Program at PCS in Houston. It was there that he had the opportunity to work on the EXPEC program which opened the door to a computer maintenance position in EXPEC. One of his favorite memories of Saudi Arabia is providing liaison with the EXPEC program while working in Houston.

Today Joe spends much of his time working on their 20-acre farm in the rural foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of central Virginia. There he and Betty learned how to grow a variety of fresh vegetables and maintain fruit trees. Betty had to cut back on those sorts of activities after she was stricken with chronic Lyme disease.

Joe and Betty would enjoy hearing from old friends. You can reach them via email at [email protected] or write to them via snail mail (Remember that? Stamps, envelopes, mailboxes, mailmen? All that sort of stuff!) at 235 Dug Hill Road, Amherst, VA 24521-3843 USA.

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