By Maryam Abed

Aramco’s Industrial Training Department hosted the 2022 Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign event, offering valuable advice on how best to prevent a disease that afflicts millions worldwide.

Fighting Breast Cancer Together Through Raising Awareness
Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare sponsored a booth at the event, providing information on breast cancer awareness and prevention.

Aramco has continued its efforts to boost awareness of breast cancer and educate employees on proven protective measures.

To coincide with the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month of October, the Industrial Training Department’s (ITD) 2022 Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign rounded off a series of informational activities with a successful awareness event.

Breast cancer is one of the most common cancers affecting millions of women every year worldwide.

Awareness is Power

It is well-known that raising awareness of the disease is essential for prevention, and that early screening can help detect and cure about 90% of cases.

Some 300 employees and trainees attended the awareness event in North Industrial Training Center, as part of ITD’s campaign.

It featured educational talks and advice from experts working at various medical facilities.

Fighting Breast Cancer Together Through Raising Awareness
Dr. Abdulrahman Alshehri, a consultant medical oncologist in Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare (JHAH) was one of the keynote speakers.

One of the keynote speakers was Dr. Abdulrahman Alshehri, a consultant medical oncologist in Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare (JHAH).

He described the characteristics of breast cancer, its risk factors and the steps that can be taken to promote prevention.

The event also featured open educational booths with subject matter experts on hand from King Fahad Specialist Hospital, JHAH, Wahaj Clinic for Family and Social Counseling Center, Al-Mowasat Hospital, Murjan Medical Complex and many more medical entities.

The booths offered attendees’ advice on measures known to have a preventative impact against the disease, and also the coping mechanisms to help mitigate emotional impacts.

Aramco has consistently supported and led global well-being campaigns as part of its corporate value pillar of social responsibility and citizenship.

“Aramco is committed to the well-being of all, including our people here in Aramco, their families, and the community at large.”

— Mohammed T. Al Subaiei, Industrial Training Department Director

Value Creation

Field compliance coordinator and organizer of the campaign, Ohoud M. Alali, highlighted the importance of the event.

“We are here today as part of an important worldwide awareness campaign to enhance knowledge of breast cancer among our trainees and staff, and to encourage early detection, and help them to learn more about its symptoms, and how we can protect ourselves against its dangers.”

General Well-being

ITD has participated in many health and safety campaigns, such as the safe driving campaign, and the smoke sensation program, but the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign was their biggest and most successful yet.

Breast care nurse, Judith S. Guevarra, said, “The event was a well-organized and great event, and it’s a privilege that Aramco ITD is doing this and raising awareness in partnership with all the medical entities.”

“I have participated in many breast cancer awareness events, but this is the biggest one so far, with a well targeted group of mainly young ladies,” she added.

— The Arabian Sun: November 04, 2022