Sulaiman M. Ababtain, Yahya A. Abu Shal, Meshari M. Alshaikhmubarak, and Abdullah S. Al-Suwailem appointed to key management roles.

Four Appointed as Senior Vice President

Aramco has announced the appointment of four people to senior vice president positions in the company. The appointments all became effective Jan. 1.

The four appointments include:

Sulaiman M. Ababtain as a senior vice president, leading SOFON Holding.

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Yahya A. Abu Shal as a senior vice president, he previously had been appointed the CEO of Sadara.

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Meshari M. Alshaikhmubarak as senior vice president of the Office of the Chairman.

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Abdullah S. Al-Suwailem as a senior vice president and president and CEO for the Saudi Aramco Total Refining and Petrochemical (SATORP).

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— The Arabian Sun: January 25, 2023