Greetings from my little rock, Tobago, in the hot, sunny and beautiful Caribbean. After having been employed in the Dhahran Health Centre on 2J for 12 years, I departed my home in Mango almost 5 years ago.

My time spent in Saudi was the best of my life, so far. The Saudis were very hospitable; the many expats were a great bunch of fun and interests; the US Embassy a great source of entertainment, and lovely Bahrain, well, the New Year's Eve parties at the Diplomat were the bomb, great!!!

I was afforded the time to successfully complete a MBA programme with the University of Hull whilst working in Dhahran. This has enabled me to change my career from nursing. I am now the Regional Manager of a Youth Vocational Skills Training Programme; I am very actively involved with our local politics and also, I am very active with other voluntary organisations.

From time to time I reminisce about the good old days shopping in Khobar; the gold souks, the malls, the long walk around the perimeter in the camp.

Presently, I am extremely happy at home in Tobago and very busy too.

My sincere regards to my friends Huda Al Dossary, Emad, Zaki Al Sanna, Hadi the taxi driver, Dr. Michelle Mansour and Tracy Dean, Greer Barlow, Marcia Ragiste, Una Connolly, Carmel Smyth, Mona Ossei and not forgetting Sayed Al Qatani.


June Melville 166122 (still remember that number)