Aramco Brat and Annuitant Greg Dowling Greg Dowling

Greg Dowling spent the majority of his childhood (1954 to 1967) in Saudi Arabia, where his father, Joseph W. Dowling, worked as an organic chemist for Aramco at Ras Tanura’s refining and export facilities. Greg earned a BA degree from Tufts University, an MS from Georgetown University, and an M.Phil. from Cambridge University.

While a graduate student in Washington, DC, in the late 1970s, Greg Dowling was selected as the research associate to Dr. George S. Rentz who was at the time appointed to the Woodrow Wilson Center for Scholars at the Smithsonian Institution. Dr. Rentz, a noted historian of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, had played a significant role in Aramco’s activities from the late 1940s to the early 1960s, and was the catalyst for Mr. Dowling’s return to the Kingdom in 1978 as an employee of Aramco’s Government Affairs Organization. For most of the period of his employment with Aramco (1978-1990), Mr. Dowling was based at the company’s administrative headquarters at Dhahran.

Subsequent to his leaving Aramco’s employ, Mr. Dowling has written on Middle Eastern politics and economics for various bodies, including the Economist Intelligence Unit and Business Monitor International. He was the principal analyst at Business Monitor International for two monthly reports assessing regional political and economic risk – Middle East Monitor and North Africa Monitor – and wrote Business Monitor’s 1995 monograph on Saudi Arabia. He has also contributed articles to the National Council on U.S.-Arab Relations recently established web-based information initiative, the Saudi-American Forum.

Mr. Dowling is currently engaged in historical research on Aramco’s concessionary relationship with Saudi Arabia.