Zara ImranZara is cutting the cake and her Dada, grandfather, is giving his blessing to her.
Baby Zara Imran daughter of Mr. Imran Ahmed Khan Ghauri and Mrs. Erum Imran and granddaughter of Engr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan (Office Holder of SAEEA) celebrated her fourth Happy Birthday in Karachi, Pakistan with her close relatives and friends. All the guests, her Dada (grandfather) and Puppy (aunty) with her three daughters drove eight hours from Sukkur to be present for the celebration. Khala Amma (elder sister of her mother Erum), Dr. Kiran A. Rehman and Dr. Ata Ur Rehman and their children also attended. The cake was cut by Zara with all the best wishes from her sister Baby Zoya Imran and her parents and grandparents. There were two birthday cakes - one from Zara's father, Imran Khan,and the other from her aunty, Dr. Kiran A. Rehman. Later the food was served along with soft drinks and Kulfi, like ice cream. The Biryani was cooked outside while the rest of the food like Qurma and some other dishes were all cooked in the house by Erum. The food was very tasty and delicious and everybody enjoyed it. Before the party was over all the kids were given goody bags. They all loved them. SAEEA wish all the best to Baby Zara Imran for a very bright future and prosperous life, Ameen. View more photos of Happy 4th Birthday Zara Imran in the Aramco ExPats Galleries.