Hiba Amer - This is My Story
From Left to Right: Hiba Amer, Dad (Syed Amer Ali), Mom (Mrs. Syed Amer Ali), Younger Brother (Syed Shaheer Ali)

The following report was written by Hiba Amer, granddaughter of SAEEA's Finance Secretary Muhammad Salim Hamid (badge number 73199) who worked for Aramco from 1976-1987 as an accountant in the Fixed Assets & Work in Progress Accounting Department in Dhahran.

From wanting to be a doctor to be an engineer; fate. For as long as I can remember, I had an undying aim to become a doctor. What a cliché indeed.

Hello! My name is Hiba Amer, and this is my story. I was born in Karachi, Pakistan but raised in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in the most supporting and loving company of my parents and the most annoying and caring younger brother who is to be a software engineer. I completed my O Levels from Pakistan International school Jeddah English Section where I did not only make the best memories of my life; I learned how to speak publicly and started debating and hosting various events.

Hiba Amer - This is My Story
Hosting Intercollegiate Debate Competition at St. Josephs College for Women
Hiba Amer - This is My Story
English Debate at Pakistan International School Jeddah-KSA-English Section

I moved to Karachi, in order to do “Karachi Board” so I can get into a decent Medical College. Suddenly all the expectations that were put on me from society for my future made me so stressed and exhausted because back in Jeddah, it was only me with my family. But luckily, I got admitted to St Joseph’s College for women. I worked hard, left at six am to college, studying nonstop till bedtime, to achieve my goal.

I was so invested in my studies that I had zero social life and barely attended any gatherings. It got extremely draining to live in a different city and not finding myself missing home and the food. While transitioning from college to university, I got lost in a pool of confusion. I asked myself repeatedly, if I wanted to become a doctor to the point, I found myself depressed and anxious, and I would blame the government because this year Medical Entry Test kept delaying due to their fights. As an excuse, I gave the LSAT in which I scored 100 percent without studying and got startled. But due to few reasons, I did not take admission in the course. A few days later, I found myself giving ECAT at NED University of Engineering & Technology-Karachi for Biomedical Engineering, just for a practice for MDCAT. And guess what? I got admission into NEDUET; I started going to the university and began developing an interest in the field with the benefits and knowledge that it is providing.

Hiba Amer - This is My Story
Hosting “Welcome” at St. Josephs’ College for Women
Hiba Amer - This is My Story
I Love NED

Mostly, people assume I took admission in the field because the university is ranked and have a name which is not true at all. I chose to pursue this career; Biomedical Engineering as it is the field in which I will be able to learn engineering principles and design concepts to different disciplines focusing on the human body with related medicine and health care. It’s a vast field and it’s all about using and learning Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Materials Engineering, Biology, and Computer Science/ Computer Engineering in order to design various health related Equipment's, Device and even Medicine for the human body.

It is said that behind every successful doctor there is a biomedical engineer. Due to my iqama renewal, I had to travel back to Jeddah; during that period, PMC suddenly announced MDCAT in 10 days, and in that duration, I was unable to fly back and give it but I have no regrets.

Hiba Amer - This is My Story
Sugar testing (Science and Arts Exhibition) at Pakistan International School Jeddah English Section-PISJES
Hiba Amer - This is My Story
Dad (Syed Amer Ali)-Hiba Amer-Mom (Mrs. Syed Amer Ali)

So, here is a bit of advice I would give to the students at this stage of life:

Life is unpredictable. Push yourself, work hard, and focus on yourself and your own life! Do not try living up to anyone else expectations but that of your very own. And if life does not go the way you expected, do not stress yourself or think of it as it is the end of the world because It is not. There are multiple fields that are still to be discovered. The point I am trying to convey is just be happy, strive hard, and life will do its thing.

We plan indeed, but life has its own plans. My perception of life has changed after this. With time, fortunately, I achieved balance and calm in life. That is why I chose to express and share my story to help the students who are worried and stressing over their future. After all the obstacles I faced, I can now say that I am settled but this is not the end, it’s a new beginning.

Hiba Amer - This is My Story
Admission Day at NEDUET with Mama on left followed by Nana and Dada on right.
Hiba Amer - This is My Story
In Jeddah with my Marshal Arts Instructor and my younger brother. I am a black belt holder

Lastly, I would like to thank four people who supported and encouraged me through out: My parents, My Nana Abu (Muhammad Salim Hamid) and My Dada (Prof. Syed Iqbal Alam).

Saudi Aramco Ex-Employees Association (SAEEA) wish Hiba Amer a very bright future ahead, keep their parents proud as usual. Mr. Muhammad Salim Hamid is a permanent member and Finance Secretary of SAEEA and Nana of Hiba Amer.