Mahboob Mohamed Looks Back on 34 Years of Service
Mahboob Mohamed, shown posing with his wife, Zahra, daughter Safia, and son Hamad, is leaving the company after 34 years in the Kingdom. During their time here, says Mohamed, the family enjoyed the cultural melting pot that is Saudi Aramco, meeting friends from a variety of backgrounds and being exposed to a diversity of cultures.

Dhahran — After 34 years with Saudi Aramco, Mahboob Mohamed is bidding farewell to the company.

Mahboob joined Saudi Aramco’s IT User Services in 1984. One year later, he moved to the Maintenance Systems Group as a business systems analyst in the Maintenance Resources Planning Department, where he provided corporate maintenance system support to all operating plants companywide.

Throughout his career, he played a key role in the transformation of maintenance in Saudi Aramco. He was involved in transitioning the maintenance systems from the previous legacy systems to SAP, and defining the structure of the maintenance system within SAP. In 2009, he helped establish corporate maintenance key performance indicators (KPIs) that delivered a new way of managing maintenance in the company where all maintenance organizations could monitor their performance live.

He also led the development of a dashboard, launching the Maintenance Intelligent Reporting System through which the KPIs were monitored.

Mahboob was also involved with the transformation of the organization, witnessing the establishment of Saudi Aramco’s Maintenance Council, as well as the establishment and evolution of Corporate Maintenance Services, where he worked until the end of his career. During the final stage of his career, he provided consultancy in maintenance as a maintenance engineering specialist with the Strategic Maintenance Analysis and Support Group.

Mahboob was born in Uganda, where he grew up to complete his primary and secondary school education. He moved to the U.K. in 1972, where he completed his bachelor’s degree in biology in 1980, followed by a master’s degree in computer science before moving to Saudi Arabia. Two years later, after joining Saudi Aramco, he married his wife, Zahra, in 1986.

Zahra worked in the Saudi Aramco industrial Security Department for more than 25 years and played an important role in community and industrial security governance and execution. She was actively involved in community affairs and helped organize numerous social and community events.

During his 34 years in Saudi Arabia, Mahboob, Zahra, daughter Safia, and son Hamad enjoyed the Saudi Aramco cultural melting pot, meeting friends from a variety of backgrounds and getting exposed to a diversity of cultures.

Mahboob and Zahra have a keen interest in Arabic calligraphy and Arabic perfumes. After retirement, they plan to stay in the U.K., but will surely escape the cold winters by bouncing back and forth between the U.K. and the Gulf countries.

Mahboob, Zahra, and family can be contacted by email at [email protected].