Marjorie Tracy Marjorie Tracy
Photographs Contributed by Marjorie Tracy

Marjorie Tracy first started painting in 1970 in Springfield, Illinois. There she attended classes for four years at the Springfield Art Association, where she painted with acrylics and oils and exhibited in a number of local shows. She then had art instruction at the University of Illinois, but, involved in other pursuits, she grew away from painting for many years. Marjorie returned to oil painting again in 2002.

Red Sweater Red Sweater by Marjorie Tracy

"People’s faces and hands fascinate me. I like to paint people — not formal portraits, but usually one person alone, engaged in a quiet activity, perhaps lost in thought, or playing a musical instrument — to capture the person for just a moment in time. I try to leave an opportunity for the viewer to supply his or her own idea of what is going on. I like for each of my paintings to have a unique feel — fresh and vibrant."

Lost in the Blues Lost in the Blues by Marjorie Tracy

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