Message from Shah Zahid to His Fellow - Most Fortunate Ones

"Those who work for Saudi Aramco must consider themselves the most fortunate ones." So writes Shah Zahid, former Planning & Programs Analyst for Saudi Aramco, now retired after 36 years with the company. His fond memories of living and working in the Kingdom echo the feelings of countless other Aramco annuitants.

Message from Shah Zahid to His Fellow - Most Fortunate Ones

When offered a chance to work at the world's largest oil producing company, Shah embraced the opportunity. As a member of the Aramco family, he enjoyed world class employee benefits, including excellent educational and medical facilities for himself and his family, a generous pension package, and a tax-free salary. As well, the company provided fenced housing and free utilities along with easy access to first-class recreational facilities. Attractions and benefits such as these made his decision to join the company an easy one.

Shah remembers with great pride having worked with top-class Saudi professional managers—true leaders of men like Ibrahim Asseeri, Othman Khawaiter, Ali Ajmi, Amin H. Nasser (now Aramco CEO), and Ali Al-Ghamdi. “I will never forget these men,” he writes.

“I am also proud,” he adds, “of having worked for Saudi Aramco during the reign of four kings—Shah Faisal, Shah Khalid, Shah Fahad, and Shah Abdullah—may their souls rest in peace.”

Today Shah lives with his wife Maryum in John Creek, Georgia. Shah and Maryum have been blessed with six children (Shagufta, Shazia, Alia, Maaz Zahid Awan, Bushra Zahid and M. Jibran Zahid) and ten grandchildren (Maha Zia, age18; Mahrosh, age 12; Vishma, age10; Wahiz, age 6; Naeema Yasir, age 12; Hessam, age 9; Zaha, age 7; Rania, age 5; Arsh Jibran, age 7; and Izza Jibran, age 4).

Shah now spends much of his time contributing to social services in his community. He looks forward to attending the next Aramco Reunion where he wants to reconnect with his old colleagues and see for himself first hand the new developments in Saudi Arabia.

Shah feels deeply that he is a “most fortunate one” and his rich life testifies to that fact.