Nile Working Along the Nile
Photograph Contributed by Diane Possell

This place is a strange mixture of ancient beauty, present disease and filth; beautiful architecture and miserable hovels.  The poverty is a ghastly thing. 

There seems to be no middle class at all; only the very rich and the very poor.  The tiniest children are out on the street begging!

R'as R'as (Butch) in Egypt
Photograph Contributed by Diane Possell

There is one little tyke (it's hard to guess their ages, but I'd say that he's about eight) that shines shoes.  Like most of the other street urchins, he has no home other than the streets and only one thing on his mind and that's money.  He has only one leg but he has a sort of simple dignity that is touching.  His name is R'as.  We call him "Butch" and always let him shine our shoes whenever we are up that way. He has named me, "Uncle Wallet".

Funeral Coach Funeral Coach in Cairo
Photograph Contributed by Diane Possell

We visited the army camp yesterday.  They have a nice place out there.  The library is a fine big room, more like a den, with rugs on the floor and a big fireplace at one end.  The boys were sitting around reading or talking, in large comfortable chairs with a cozy fire crackling in the grates.  They also have a theater with good sound effects and a clear screen.  We saw a picture and enjoyed a thirty minute vaudeville show which included some splendid local talent.  The boys have also had the privilege of seeing famous entertainers.

Out at our place in the evenings, about twenty of us gather around the piano and really have a session.  This relieves the monotony and is a fine morale builder.

Palestine Orchestra Palestine Symphony Orchestra Bill
Photograph Contributed by Diane Possell

Yesterday, I happened to pass a music store that was displaying bills for the Palestine Symphony Orchestra, so I got a couple of tickets and a friend and I attended.  We had the pleasure of hearing the finest orchestra in the East.  They treated us to Gluck, Beethoven and Mozart.  The Beethoven selection featured a piano duet by two women and it was superb!

I'm planning on visiting the American University tomorrow night for a recital that will include some of Brahm's work.  This will feature just string instruments, I think.