Nikah Ceremony for Kiran Shaikh
The Marriage Registration (Nikah) Ceremony of Mohammad Younus Shaikh and Mrs. Razia Shaikh’s daughter shaKiran Shaikh was held in Karachi on October 02, 2012. Mr. Mohammad Younus Shaikh (Badge No. 71930) is a permanent member of Saudi Aramco Ex-Employees Association. He worked in Southern Area Design Services Division/SA Project Design Department Abqaiq from 1973 through 1999.
Nikah Ceremony for Kiran Shaikh
The ceremony took place at the Ramada Hotel at the Karachi Airport. Mohammad Younus Shaikh's family and a few ex-employees of Saudi Aramco attended the function. The ex-employees and SAEEA office holders who attended the function were:
  • Mr. & Mrs. Mohammad Abdul Matin
  • Mr. & Mrs. Ghulam Qutubuddin Khan
  • Mr. Sher Ali
  • Mr. & Mrs. Jamil Shaikh
SAEEA wishes heartiest greetings to Mr. Younus Shaikh and Mrs. Razia Shaikh and wish a very happy and bright future for Mohammad Ahsan Qamar and Kiran Shaikh.