Middle East… check. North America… check. Europe? Check! After decades of working with Expats and understanding the unique challenges for those living and working overseas, the team at RFA is delighted to announce the launch of our new office in Prague, Czech Republic!

Reilly Financial Advisors Opens New Office in Prague

The separation from family and familiarity are only a few of the challenges faced by those living and working abroad. The reality is that when trying to open investment accounts with US institutions, the challenges extrapolate. Increasing tax and money laundering laws combined with the near impossibility of opening investment accounts from overseas makes being able to invest hard earned dollars problematic. Many people are faced with these everyday questions:

  • Do I understand the laws and regulations that I must face living abroad, for both my home country and my host country?
  • Do I have trouble opening accounts with my foreign address?
  • Do I only have access to high-cost investment options?
  • Is it important to me that I have an in-region advisor?
Reilly Financial Advisors Opens New Office in Prague

These challenges are not new to the team at Reilly Financial Advisors. We understand these unique issues, and our team of experts has been dealing with them since 1975. Many advisors may say that they can work with expats, but the truth is that nobody specializes in expat clients quite like Reilly Financial Advisors does. Our experience, education, and size allows us to be able to offer expats the breadth of services required to help successfully navigate retirement.

The central Europe location of Prague, Czech Republic allows our in-region team to easily travel to expats throughout Europe for a more intimate and personal touch.

Learn more about our dedication to those living and working abroad by visiting www.expatadvisors.com.