Saad Ali Hameed Marries Humera RashidBride and Groom with Family
The wedding ceremony of Saad Ali Hameed and Humera Rashid took place on November 06, 2012 at BUNDHAN MAHAL in Karachi, Pakistan. The bride groom, Saad Ali Hameed, is the son of Mr. Asad and Habiba Hameed and is settled in Canada. While the bride, Humera Rashid, is the resident of Karachi and is the daughter of Syed and Darakhshan Rashidul Hassan. Both Habiba and Darakhshan are the daughters of Mr. Ikhtiarun Nabi.
Saad Ali Hameed Marries Humera RashidIkhtiarun Nabi
Mr. Nabi (Badge No.72595) is a permanent Member of Saudi Aramco Ex-Employee Association (SAEEA). He worked for Saudi Aramco from 1974 through 2001 in the Northern Area Contract Assistance Unit (NACAU) and was posted in Safaniyah Field. It is interesting to note that Engr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan attended the wedding of Habiba Ikhtiarun Nabi which took place in Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia and tonight he also attended the wedding of her son Saad. Mr. Ikhtiarun Nabi after retirement from Saudi Aramco went to USA and got settled there with his son. He had his children settled in Canada, USA and Pakistan. He and his wife traveled all over enjoying and meeting the grand kids. The ex-Saudi Aramco employees who attended the wedding reception are as follows:
  • Mr. Mahmood Alam
  • Mr. Abdul Waseem
  • Mr. Mohammad Abdul Matin
  • Mr. Iqbal Ahmed
  • Engr. Iqbal Ahmed Khan
SAEEA wish all the best to Saad and Humera and a very prosperous and Happy Married life in the future. View more photos of Saad Ali Hameed Marries Humera Rashid in the Aramco ExPats Galleries.