Saudi Banknote
Former Aramcon, David Jessich, a long time collector who often exhibits his coins and banknotes at brat and annuitant reunions, shared the news that Saudi banknotes are attracting serious bidders in an eBay auction closing on December 14th. He writes, "A mint set of 1961 Saudi banknotes are listed on eBay this week (item #180770834849) and within 24 hours bidding jumped from $99 to more than $3,000. Once again this demonstrates the collectibility of top quality items, especially rare notes from Saudi Arabia." The eBay listing includes the following details which may be of interest to Aramcons looking to sell rare collectibles:
  • Complete set of the second issue in gem uncirculated condition. Signed in ink on the front of each note by Anwar Ali in English. His signature in Arabic appears on the left side of both series of this issue.
  • This is an extraordinary listing. Uncirculated examples of the 5 riyal note and especially the 50 and 100 riyal notes are extremely rare.
  • A personal gift by Anwar Ali, the governor of the Saudi Monetary Agency, to Thomas C. Barger, the president of Aramco, on the occasion of the first issue of this currency in 1961.
  • Each note has a pin hole in the middle of the right side.
Anyone interested in contacting David Jessich may email him at [email protected].